Lumenera Infinity-5 – Changing the Game of Imaging

Living in the digital world, you must have seen many microscopy cameras come and go. Some must be good, some would be great, but now you will see the best one. Yes, we are talking about Lumenera Infinity-5.

This amazing device will change the game of imaging with its superior features and easy handling.

Here, we will discuss the specifications and advantages of Lumenera Infinity-5 and tell you why it is superior to the other products.

The Product

Lumenera Infinity-5 is megapixel microscopic camera that has a wide variety of usage in the scientific imaging industry, especially medical facilities. After you have found your perfect specimen, all you need is a microscope with a superior camera for your imaging needs. Well, thanks to Lumenera Infinity-5, you have it now.


Specifications and Features

Infinity5-3 uses SONY IMX252 CMOS monochrome or color image sensor with an optical format of 1 1/8 degrees. Lumenera Infinity-5 has high sensitivity for low light imaging, which makes it better than other cameras.

The features of Lumenera Infinity-5 include 1.4 megapixel CCD sensors with high color reproductively. The resolution of the pictures is outstanding with 10 fps at full 120 x 1024.

Lumenera Infinity-5 also has an onboard memory that allows you to frame buffering. You can use the USB cable provided to capture still images and live stream videos as well.

Another thing that Lumenera Infinity-5 has is the sensitivity to signal to noise ratio. The better the ratio is, the more accurate your imaging will be. Lumenera Infinity-5 has a higher sensitivity ratio which allows you to perform observations for a long time.

The Advantages

There are a lot of perks offered by Lumenera Infinity-5, including soft touch response, improved control button placements, and higher resolution capture. Not to mention it is really easy to navigate and includes infinity capture.

Perhaps the best advantage of Lumenera Infinity-5 is that it runs tethered to HDMI and computer for hybrid solutions.


You can take advantage of this product in various avenues, including in forensic analysis, pathology, DNA analysis, fluorescent microscopy, and live cell imaging. It can also be used for reviewing tumors.

So, if you are looking for a device that not only has a high-performance microscopic camera but is also well priced, Lumenera Infinity-5 is a perfect choice. Lumenera Infinity-5 will provide you with quality, good color performance, and an added flexibility of HDMI display.

Order now and take advantage of the superior technology today. Your box will include Lumenera Infinity-5 camera, a power supply, HDMI cable, and a CD with documentation, TWAIN driver, and Infinity Capture software.

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