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Watec WAT-910BD (WAT910BD) 1/2” Ultra High Sensitivity Dark-field Camera

Quick Overview

1/2” Ultra High Sensitivity Dark-field Camera, Low light sensitivity 0.0000025 lx, High quality image without noise under poor light condition.

Super High Sensitivity Adjacent to Near Infra-Red Ray Exposed Single PC Board Watec is proud to introduce the new BD series to our WAT-910HX super low light black and white camera line. At 42x42 and available in multiple miniature compact lens configurations, the BD series is ideal for systems integration where ultra low light performance is demanded. The standard 0.0001LUX (F1.2) and 0.000005LUX (integrated frame technology) this camera is designed to adjust via frame loss compensation based on the lighting conditions of your environment. This unit is fully adjustable to meet the requirements of low light, no light or lighted application and can be pre-calibrated by the user to ensure the highest quality imaging experience.

The 910BD is the only one in the HX series to offer DVO (Digital Video Output) via cable port on the rear panel on the camera. The DVO connector for the WAT-910BD is P/N: BM14B-SRSS(JST) which is a board-to-wire connection crimp style and designed for communication between PCBs. The cable length can be not be longer than 50cm as per supplied standard for this accessory. Actual digital output format of the WAT-910BD is BT.656. Standard BT.656 operates on a pixel clock of 27MHZ, the 910BD on the other hand operates on NTSC: 28.6363MHZ and PAL : 28.375MHZ. When considering design and compatibility of the decoder circuit in your application it must receive the output signal from the WAT-910BD to accept and pair accordingly.


  • Achieves minimum illumination performance by 1/2-inchi high sensitive CCD sensor and unique circuit design
  • Low light sensitivity 0.0000025 lx. (F1.4, slow shutter mode: 256 fields)
  • High quality image without noise under poor light condition
  • 3DNR, digital wide dynamic range and slow shutter
  • Motion detection, white blemish correction and back light compensation
  • Advanced setting available by OSD (On-Screen Display) through an optional controller and SPI communication
  • Specifications
    Sensor type 1/2 inch interline transfer CCD image sensor
    Number of total pixels 811(H) × 508(V)
    Number of effective pixels 768(H) × 494(V)
    Unit cell size 8.4μm(H) × 9.8μm(V)
    Synchronizing system Internal
    Scanning system 2:1 interlace
    Video output Analog: Composite: 1.0 V(p-p) 75Ω (Unbalanced)
    Digital: BT.656 (Compatible): 8bit parallel, (H/V Sync dual output) - Pixel clock 28.6363MHz - Pixel clock 28.375MHz
    Resolution More than 570TVL (Center)
    Minimum illumination 0.0000025 lx F1.4 (AGC=HI, γ=0.35, 3DNR=ON, Shutter=x256)
    S/N More than 52dB (AGC=6dB, γ=1.0, 3DNR=ON, Shutter=x256)
    Function settings OSD (On Screen Display) / 3 wired SPI interface, Remote controller
    AE mode Fixed: x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x128, x256 (field)
    1/60, 1/100 sec. - 1/50, 1/120 sec.
    1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/5000, 1/10000, 1/100000 sec.
    EI: 1/60 - 1/100000 sec. - 1/50 - 1/100000 sec.
    LO: 6 - 30dB / MID: 6 - 34.5dB / HI: 6 - 41dB
    (SENSE-UPMAX) - 1/100000 sec.
    AGC ON: LO: 6 - 30dB / MID: 6 - 34.5dB / HI: 6 - 41dB 
    OFF: 6 - 41dB (MGC)
    Gamma Characteristics γ≒0.05 - 0.45 - 1.0 (0.05 step), USER (S-curve)
    Noise Reduction 3DNR ON / OFF (Level adjustable)
    Wide dynamic range D-WDR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range) OFF / USER1 / USER2
    Motion detection 4 areas
    Lens iris Video / DC
    Back light compensation OFF / BLC / HSBLC
    White blemish correction Max 64 dots
    Mirror image OFF / H-FLIP / V-FLIP / HV-FLIP
    Freeze ON / OFF
    Digital zoom ON (x1.0 - x32.0, Magnification selectable) / OFF
    Neg. image ON / OFF
    Power Supply DC+12V±10%
    Power Consumption 1.38W (115mA)
    Operating Temperature -10 - +50℃
    Storage Temperature -30 - +70℃
    Operating / Storage Humidity 95% RH or less (Without condensation)
    Lens Mount CS mount
    Weight Approx. 40g
    Accessories WPDC12 (DC plug), AIC-G (Iris plug), Hex. wrench, Cable (6 pcs)
    No Video available
    Watec WAT-910BD
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