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  • Toshiba Teli CSB4000CL-10A | High-Resolution CMOS Camera Link Camera Image #1

Toshiba Teli CSB4000CL-10A High-Resolution CMOS Camera Link Camera

Quick Overview

2008 x 2047 Effective Pixels, Diagonal 17.4mm (1.1 type) CMOS Image Sensor, C-mount.

The CSB4000CL-10A is a 4 megapixel camera with a camera link interface. It's based on a 1.1" CMOS sensor and supports up to 16 Windows of Interest. It's ideal for high performance industrial applications.


  • Total pixel 4,190,000 CMOS
  • WOI (Window Of Interest)
  • Global Shutter
  • Camera Link Interface
  • C-mount
  • Small and light weight body (54 x 43 x 59 mm, approx. 160g)
  • Sub Sampling

  • Applications:
  • Machine Vision
  • Factory Automation
  • Microscopy
  • Quality Control Applications
  • Specifications
    Image Sensor Diagonal 17.4mm (1.1 type) CMOS Image sensor
    Effective Pixel 2048 (H) x 2048 (V)
    Active Pixel 2008 (H) x 2047 (V)
    Pixel Size 6.0 (H) x 6.0 (V) micro m
    Image Area 12.048 x 12.282 mm
    Driving Frequency 33.3333MHz
    Scanning Line 2047 lines
    Scanning System Progressive
    Flame Rate 7.29 fps (Under Rolling shutter mode and all pixel’s data re
    Sync System Internal
    Aspect Ratio 1:1
    Subject Illumination 2000 lx, F4 (3100K) (Exposure time: Approx. 16
    Video Output Camera link (LVDS, 10bit, Pixel clock 33.3333MHz)
    S/N 47 dB (p-p) / rms (Exposure time: Approx. 16 ms)
    Gamma 1.0 Fixed
    Electronic Shutter Shutter speed setting by any given timing through Camera Link communication command.
    Shutter Mode Global shutter / Rolling shutter
    Random Trigger Shutter RTS operation is available by external trigger signal IN. Shutter speed preset or shutter
    speed control by pulse width is available.
    The exposure starts at shutter trigger rising edge and ends at shutter trigger falling edge
    under pulse width control for shutter speed.
    Power Source DC12V +/- 10% (Source ripple level 100mV(p-p) or less)
    Power Consumption Approx. 1.4W
    Ambient Condition Temperature:
    (Performance guaranteed) From 0 through 40 degrees Celsius
    (Operation guaranteed) From -10 through 50 degrees Celsius
    (Preservation) From -20 through 60 degrees Celsius
    (Performance guaranteed) From 20 through 80 % (No condensing)
    (Operation guaranteed) From 20 through 80 % (No condensing)
    (Preservation) From 20 through 95 % or less (No condensing)
    Lens Mount C-mount
    TFL mount is also available by replacement of lens mount adapter.
    In the use of the standard C-mount lens, a resolution and brightness on the periphery in the
    screen might be deteriorated, leading not to make full use of the capability of the camera’s
    original performances. The use of TFL-mount lens or lens for line sensor is recommended
    for making full use of the capabilities of the performance.
    Please contact our sales person for your further detail.
    Flange Back 17.526 mm
    External Dimension 54 (W) x 43 (H) x 59 (D) mm (Without projection)
    Weight Approx. 160 g
    Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (1) EMI(Electro-Magnetic Interference) EN50081-2(EN55011-A) adaptation
    (2) EMS(Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility) EN61000-6-2 adaptation
    No Video available
    Toshiba Teli CSB4000CL-10A-1
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