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  • Toshiba IK-HD2E Camera Control Unit Image

Toshiba IK-HD2E HD-SDI Camera Control Unit

Quick Overview

1080i 25/30 HD-SDI and analog RGB outputs; switchable between 50/60 Hz Video Compatibility.

The Toshiba IK-HD2E is the control unit for IK-HD1H 3CCD HD camera head. It is compatible with both 50 and 60Hz video signals. The box provides both analog and digital HD video connections. Analog HD connectors are in the form of three BNC terminals (Y/G-Pa/B-Pr/R), while a single HD-SDI connector provides the interface to a digital HD monitor. Most camera controls are accessed from the front of the unit. These include a power On/Off switch, an AWB and gain switch, buttons for menu selection and a button to change scene files and display modes. The rear of the unit adds a 59.94i to 60i format switch as well as a key lock On and Off switch. Also located on the back of the unit are two sync ports, a wired remote control terminal and a 12 VDC power input.


  • 1920 x 1080 output pixels
  • 3CCD (1/3") Interlaced
  • C-Mount
  • Auto and Manual White balance
  • Edge detail output
  • Auto Shutter
  • Black gamma Set

  • Applications:
  • 3D Imaging
  • Microscopy
  • Scientific Imaging
  • Diagnostics
  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Broadcast 
  • Specifications
    Power Supply
    12V DC ± 10%
    Power Consumption
    Approx. 10.3 W (Including a camera head, when the DC power supply is 12V)
    Image Acquisition Method
    RGB, 3CCD, Micro prism system
    Image Sensor
    1/3 inch, IT CCD
    Output Pixels
    Horizontal : 1920, Vertical : 1080
    Scanning System
    2:1 Interlace 
    Scan Frequency
    [59.94 Hz setting] Horizontal : 33.716 kHz, Vertical : 59.94 Hz
    [50 Hz setting] Horizontal : 28.125 kHz, Vertical : 50 Hz
    Sync System
    Internal/External (Automatic switching)
    Horizontal Resolution
    800TV lines standard
    Vertical Resolution
    800TV lines standard
    F6.8 59.94 Hz setting, 2000 lx, 3000 K , F7.4 50 Hz setting, 2000 lx, 3000 K
    Minimim Illumination
    13 lx 59.94 Hz setting, F2.2, sensitivity 18 dB
    11 lx 50 Hz setting, F2.2, sensitivity 18 dB
    S/N Ratio 56 dB standard (gain 0 dB, DNR OFF)
    Ambient Temperature
    0°C to 40°C (32 F° to 104°F)
    Ambient Humidity Less than 90% (non condensing)
    Weight  Approx. 730 g (1.61 lbs)
    External Dimension
    110 (W) x 40 (H) 186 (D) mm
    (4.33"(W) 1.57"(H) 7.32"(D)) (exluding protrusions)
    Scene File (User Memories) 5 files (A, B, C, D, E)
    White Balance
    ATW Automatic tracing white balance , AWB Automatic white balance, MANUAL Manual
    Gain AUTO Automatic gain control , MANUAL Manual , OFF 0 dB
    Output Signal
    Y/P B/P R or RGB : 0.7 V (p-p) standard 75 Ω unbalanced connector
    HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) : 0.8 V (p-p) standard 75 Ω unbalanced, BNC connector
    External Sync Input
    HD SYNC 0.6 V (p-p) 75Ω unbalanced connector
    [59.94 Hz setting] Horizontal : 33.716 kHz ±35 ppm, Vertical: 59.94 Hz 
    [50 Hz setting] Horizontal : 28.125 kHz ±35 ppm, Vertical: 50 Hz
    Sync Signal Output
    SYNC : 0.6 V ± 0.1 V 75Ω unbalanced BNC connector
    [59.94 Hz setting] Horizontal : 33.716 kHz ±35 ppm, Vertical: 59.94 Hz 
    [50 Hz setting] Horizontal : 28.125 kHz ±35 ppm, Vertical: 50 Hz
    Interface Serial data interface RS-232C
    No Video available
    Toshiba IKHD2E
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