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  • Tamron  DF023Q0 lens
  • Tamron  DF023Q0 lens and all of its features controlled by a protoboard.
  • Close Up 1 - Tamron  DF023Q0 lens and all of its features controlled by a protoboard.
  • Close Up 2 - Tamron  DF023Q0 lens and all of its features controlled by a protoboard.

Tamron DF023Q0 "Zero Focus Shift" Lens with IR Cut Filter and Stepper Motor Iris

Quick Overview

1/2.7” 2.8-9.8mm F/1.6

Development Concept

Security cameras today offer rapidly improving picture quality and many manufacturers of security devices are now developing cameras with high-pixel image sensors.

In light of this trend, Tamron has developed a high-performance zoom lens for PTZ’s and bullet cameras. This zoom lens has the resolving power to support high pixel counts and can support 1.8µm pitch image sensors. It promises three desirable characteristics: super-wide-angle support for high pixel counts, and high performance.

With an angle of view of over 100°, this 5 mega-pixel lens is a new type of board mount  zoom lens. The lens, moreover, not only offers 5 mega-pixel picture quality under visible light, but the same high level of quality is accomplished with near-infrared light conditions. Day or night, this lens, for the new age ensures high-resolution and high-performance monitoring with no compromise of picture quality.

Tamron will lead the market for high-definition security with the newly developed zoom lens supporting 5 mega-pixels and near-infrared lighting.

Main Features

Super-wide-angle, high-picture-quality 3.5 x zoom lens for PTZ

  • Achieves a wide 123.1° angle with 1/2.7” sensors (16:9) and 100° angle with 1/3” sensors (4:3)

  • Enables wide-area monitoring with a single camera

  • Maintains 5 mega-pixel high performance even in near-infrared light

  • Achieves 24-hour, 5 mega-pixel monitoring without loss of picture quality

  • Lighting conditions are not a concern as the lens will provide uniform picture quality and resolving power day or night

  • Clip picture quality remains excellent as high pixel count is maintained, helpful for recognizing persons

  • Aperture mechanism supporting P-Iris

  • Stepping motor enables precise aperture control

  • Depending on the application, aperture range can be controlled to a desired position to optimize the image quality.

  • Compact body, with overall length of just 64.25 mm

  • Uses new iris mechanisms to maintain compact form with high picture quality

  • Tamron’s years of technical experience have achieved a form that is smaller but maintains super-wide-angle support for high pixel counts, and high performance

  • Specifications


    Imager Size



     Original Mount

    Focal Length

    F/1.6 - Close

    Zoom Ratio


    Angle of View

    Wide - 123.1° x 65.9° (Horizontal x Vertical)

    Angle of View

    Tele -   33.30° x 18.95° (Horizontal x Vertical)

    Minimum Effective Diameter


    Front Lens Effective Diameter


    Rear Lens Effective Diameter


    Focus Range

     0.3m - INF

    Flange Back

     1.689mm (in Air)

    Back Focus

     7.963mm (in air) 8.304mm (in glasss)

    Back Glass

     BK-7 t=1.0mm dummy glass being used

    Wave Length

    Visible Light - Near Infrared (850nm)

    Operation Temperature

    -20°C -+70°C


     85g ± 5%

    No Video available

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