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  • Sentech STC-AF243LVD | 1080p Camera | HD Autofocus Color Block Camera Image #1

STC-AF243LVD (STCAF243LVD) 1080p 1/2.8" HD Autofocus Color Block Camera

Quick Overview

The STC-AF243LVD is the newest addition to Sentech’s Auto Focus Block Camera line. This low cost, high performance CMOS based camera outputs both LVDS and SDI signals.

The DVI signal can go directly to any flat screen monitor that takes a DVI or HDMI input. The STC-AF243LVD auto focus block camera outputs a 1080p, 60 fps, 16x9 image. This product provides full on-board image processing for Low Vision Magnifier systems.




  • HD 1080p Resolution
  • 1/2.8" CMOS, Sony: IMX136
  • LVDS or SDI Video Output



  •  Low Vision Magnifier systems
  • Specifications



    Model No



    1/2.8" 2.3Mega pixel CMOS (SONY: IMX136), Rolling Shutter

    Active Picture Element

    1936 (H) x 1096(V)

    HD Active Picture Element

    1920 (H) x 1080 (V)

    Optical Size

    5.44 (H) x 3.09 (V) mm

    Cell Size

    2.8 (H) x 2.8 (V) μm



    Sync System

    Full scanning, Variable ROI

    Minimum Scene Illumination

    1.4 Lux @F1.6, with IRC filter, Exposure time 1/60 sec

    Sync System


    Video Output


    - LVDS Model

    1080P 60/50/30, 720P 60/50 Default :1080P 60

    Camera functions


    - ALC

    High brightness white LED x2

    - Shutter speed

    Electrical shutter / AGC / Mechanical IRIS linkage (Default: ALC ON)

    - Gain

    AGC / Fixed gain 0 to 45 dB Default : AGC

    - Gamma

    Selectable gamma through 5 preset (one preset is manual, / 0.45 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1) Default : Manual

    - White Balance

    Auto white balance / Manual white balance / Push to set white balance Default : Auto white balance

    - Mirror image

    Normal image / horizontal flip / vertical flip / horizontal vertical flip(180 degree rotation) Default: Normal image

    - DSP Preset

    8 user preset mode Default : Preset 0

    - Line generator

    Both horizontal and vertical with all available colors (Line number: 2) Default : Disable

    - Shadow mask generator

    Both horizontal and vertical with shading level adjustment Default : Disable

    - Privacy mask

    8 windows with all available colors, width, position Default : Disable

    - Communication

    UART communication RS232C +3.3V,RS485 +5) (Boudrate: 115,200bps,38,400bps, 19,200bps, 9,600bps)

    - Character generator

    Built-in character generation function via the UART communication

    - Another

    Pixel blemish collection, WDR, Defog, Hue, Brightness, Contrast etc.

    Lens Control


    - Optical Zoom

    UART communication(LVDS model / SDI model), Zoom function can be controlled through External control (SDI model)

    - Focus

    Auto focus / Manual focus / Push set focus (Selectable control via the UART communication) Default : Auto focus

    - IRIS

    Auto IRIS / Manual IRIS / Push set IRIS (Selectable control via the UART communication) Default : Auto IRIS

    - ICR (IR Cut filter Removable

    Selectable IR cut filter Auto / Manual (Selectable control via the UART communication) Default : Manual



    - Input Voltage

    +9 ~ +15 Vdc (Typical: +12 Vdc)

    - Consumption

    Zoom and Focus: 3.5W, Zoom and Disable-focus: 3.2W




    53 (W) x 60 (H) x 89.5(D) mm

    Auto Focus Lens

    20x auto focus zoom lens, Demountable IR cut filter Optical zoom range: from 4.7mm to 94mm (F No.1.6~3.0)

    Optical Filter

    OPLF on

    Interface Connector


    - Video Output

    LVDS model : CN02(USL00-30L-C,KEL),SDI model : RF(MM9329-2700 cable Murata

    - Power input, External control UART communication

    LVDS model : CN02(USL00-30L-C,KEL) SDI model : CN06(SM14B-SRSS-TB,JST


    LVDS: Approximately 300g, SDI: Approximately 300g



    Operational Temperature

    0 to 45 deg. C

    Storage Temperature

    -30 to 65 deg. C


    5Hz to 5Hz to 5Hz (4min./cycle), amplitude 2mm, XYZ 3 diretions 60 in. each to 20Hz (5 min. /cycle). Acceleration 10G, XYZ 3 directions 30min each)


    Acceleration 60G, half amplitude 11ms, XYZ 3 directions 1times each


    RoHS Compliant

    No Video available

    STC-AF243LVD 1080p 1/2.8" HD Autofocus Color Block Camera
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