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  • Sony XCL-SG 1240 | XCL-SG 1240 C 12.4MP Camera Link Camera Images #1

Sony XCL-SG 1240 (XCLSG1240) C 12.4MP Camera Link Camera

Quick Overview

The XCL-SG 1240 & XCL-SG 1240 C are Camera link interface · 12.4 Mega high pixel · High frame rate 20 fps cameras. It is compact size of 30 mm in depth and flexibly adapts to limited space such as machine vision when installing the device. These Camera Link Cameras come in black & white as well as raw color.

Additionally, base configuration, PoCL correspondence, excellent performance at the time of system construction, responding to the high speed and high sensitivity needs unique to global shutter CMOS, you can use various functions.




Black and whiteColorSensor sizeframe rateMaximum number of output pixels 
(H) × (V)
XCL - SG 1240 XCL-SG1240C 1.1-inch GS CMOS Fps 20 (Base, 8bit, 3Tap, Mono / Raw) 
13 fps (Base, 8bit, 2TAP, Mono / Raw) 
6 fps (Base, 8bit, 1Tap, Mono / Raw)
4,096 × 3,000
interface Camera Link
Camera control Serial control
Synchronization method Hardware trigger/software trigger
Unique function Area gain, defect correction, shading correction, temperature reading, look-up table (LUT), 3 x 3 filter
Lens mount C mount
Outer dimensions (W × H × D) 44 x 44 x 30 mm
mass Approximately 96 g

High frame rate

It corresponds to Base configuration 3 tap.


  Camera link tap (pixel clock frequency: 85 MHz)
1 2 3
Bit length 8 6 fps 13 fps 20 fps
Ten 6 fps    
12 6 fps
No Video available

Sony XCL-SG 1240 | XCL-SG 1240 C 12.4MP Camera Link Camera
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