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  • Sentech FS-C4KU7DCLU | 4MP Cameras | Color Cameras |  Line Scan Camera  Image #1

Sentech FS-C4KU7DCLU (FSC4KU7DCLU) 4MP Color Line Scan CL Camera

Quick Overview

The Sentech FS-C4KU7DCLU is a 4MP CMOS Line Scan camera with the image sensor 4k CMOS image sensor DR-2X4K-7-inver-RGB (AWAIBA).

The FS-C4KU7DCLU is a 4MP Color Line Scan Camera available with an F, C Mount.




  • 4,096 Mega-Pixels
  • Camera Link Medium/Base configuration
  • Anti-blooming
  • High-speed exposure control
  • External trigger control 
  • Flat Field Correction(FFC)



  • Machine Vision
  • Factory Automation
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Specifications
    Model FS-C4KU7DCLU
    Sensor 4k CMOS image sensor DR-2X4K-7-inver-RGB (AWAIBA)
    Active pixels 4,096 pixels x 2lines(Bayer))
    Pixel Size 28.672 mm
    data rate 85MHz x6tap(RGBx2) *Note2 80MHz x6tap(RGBx2) 50MHz x6tap(RGBx2) 85MHz x3tap(RGB) 80MHz x3tap(RGB) 50MHz x3tap(RGB)
    Maximum line rate 80.5kHz(85MHz x6tap(RGBx2)) 75kHz (80MHz x6tap(RGBx2)) 46kHz (50MHz x6tap(RGBx2)) 40.5kHz (85MHz x3tap(RGB)) 38.5kHz (80MHz x3tap(RGB)) 24kHz (50MHz x3tap(RGB))
    Video output Camera Link Full configuration (8bit ) Medium/Base configuration (8bit/10bit/12bit)
    Power Input Voltage +12 Vdc to +24 Vdc
    Consumption 6.0 W(typ)
    Communication RS232C via Camera Link connector
    Functions Anti-blooming High speed exposure control External trigger control Flat Field Correction(FFC)
    Dimensions 56(W) x 58(H) x 26.5(D) mm
    Lens mount F
    Weight about 198g
    Interface Connectors Camera Link connector (MDR) x2 Power connector (6pin connector)
    Operations Temperature 0 to 40 deg. C
    No Video available

    Sentech FS-C4KU7DCLU 4MP Color Line Scanning Camera Link Camera
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