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Intercon 1: F-AOC-B3PMBT-xx-PA Industrial High Flex AO USB 3.0 Cables

Quick Overview

Intercon’s new Active Optical (AO) assembly breaks through the cable length barrier and provides a rugged, high flex solution for those applications where a high flex, long distance solution is needed. Below are all the part numbers for your Intercon 1 cable needs.

Part Number                   Meters    Feet     Description
F-AOC-B3PMBT-5.0-PA     5            16.4     USB 3.0 Micro B w/Thumbscrews 
F-AOC-B3PMBT-10-PA     10           32.8     USB 3.0 Micro B w/Thumbscrews 
F-AOC-B3PMBT-15-PA     15           49.2     USB 3.0 Micro B w/Thumbscrews 
F-AOC-B3PMBT-20-PA     20           64.8     USB 3.0 Micro B w/Thumbscrews
                                  * Thumbscrews to 3.0 A

Intercon 1: F-AOC-B3PMBT-xx-PA
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