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  • iPORT Analog-Pro Frame Grabber image
  • iPORT Analog-Pro Frame Grabber image

Pleora iPORT Analog-Pro External Frame Grabber

Quick Overview

Preserve investments in existing cameras and optics, while converting to fully digital video connectivity. 

Pleora’s iPORT™ Analog-Pro External Frame Grabbers allow system manufacturers and integrators to treat analog cameras as native GigE Vision® cameras. With these external frame grabbers, analog cameras enjoy the long-distance reach of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) for both video and remote control, and can be mixed with native GigE Vision cameras in networked environments. System manufacturers can shorten time-to-market, reduce development and deployment risk, and lower design and system costs by reusing expensive or application-specific analog cameras in GigE Vision installations, with minimal software development.

iPORT Analog-Pro External Frame Grabbers interact seamlessly with Pleora's other products in networked or point-to-point digital video systems. The frame grabbers also comply fully with the GigE Vision and GenICam™ standards, enabling interoperation with third-party equipment in multi-vendor environments. Compact and simple to integrate, Analog-Pro external frame grabbers can transmit two channels of composite (NTSC, PAL, CCIR, or RS-170) video simultaneously at up to 30 frames per second (fps) each with low, predictable latency over a GigE link. GigE supports cabling distances of up to 100 meters using standard CAT5e/6 wiring. With off-the-shelf Ethernet switches, distances can be unlimited. At the PC, Analog-Pro External Frame Grabbers connect via GigE, eliminating the need for a desktop computer with an available peripheral card slot. As a result, system designers can reduce system size, cost, and power consumption by using computing platforms with smaller form factors, such as laptops, embedded PCs, and single board computers. The Analog-Pro is bundled with Pleora’s feature-rich application toolkit, eBUS™ SDK, and compatible with Pleora’s vDisplay™ External Frame Grabbers, which deliver video directly to a monitor.


  • Transmits two independent channels of analog composite video over GigE with low, consistent latency
  • Built-in de-interlacing algorithms
  • Supports square pixels (Q4 2013)
  • RS-232 and GPIO to control external devices
  • Available as enclosed units and OEM board sets

  • Applications:

  • Machine Vision
  • Robotics
  • Factory Automation 
  • Sports Arena Applications
  • Security 
  • Military 
  • Aviation 
  • Medical
  • Specifications

    iPORT™ External Frame Grabbers

    •Highly reliable; up to 1 Gb/s data transfer rate with low, end-to-end latency
    •OEM board set or enclosed unit
    •32MB image buffer
    •4 TTL inputs, 3 TTL outputs (4th TTL output available with customer-supplied connector); software-controllable
    •2 RS-232 serial ports

    eBUS™ SDK                   

    •eBUS Universal Pro driver
    •Sample applications, including NetCommand™ sample application, a demonstration of multi-device network connectivity
    •Driver installation tool

    Gige Vision® and GenICam™

    •Fully-compatible firmware load
    •Guarantees delivery of all packets
    •Comprehensive data transfer diagnostics 
    Video Standards •NTSC, PAL, CCIR, RS-170
    Pixel Formats •8-bit Monochrome,YUV4:2:2 (packed)  
    Deinterlacing Support •Off
    •Line duplication
    Power •Enclosed: Hirose 6-pin
    •OEM: 2-pin, 0.10” header
    Network  •RJ-45 female 
    Video Interface  •2 x BNC female
    Serial and GPIO  •12-pin round, locking connector       
    Gigabit Ethernet Based  •Low-cost, easy-to-use equipment
    •Compatible with 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet networks
    •Supports IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), IP, IGMP v.2, UDP and ICMP (ping)
    •Long reach: 100 m point-to-point, unlimited distance with Ethernet switches
    Multicast Compatibility •Enables advanced distributed processing and control architectures
    Size (L x W x H)   •Enclosed: 113mm x 82mm x 51mm
    •OEM: 105 mm X 52 mm X 42 mm
    Operating temperature •0 ºC to 40 ºC (OEM higher with thermal pad)
    Storage temperature •-40°C to 85°C
    Power Supply   •5 V to16 V
    Power Consumption •Maximum 4W (with both channels in use)




    •iPORT Analog Pro External Frame Grabber board
    set with unsoldered GPIO/serial connector


    •iPORT Analog Pro External Frame Grabber
    enclosed product


    •iPORT Analog Pro External Frame Grabber
    Evaluation Kit, which contains 900-6209, a
    power supply, and a GigE NIC

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    Pleora iPORT Analog-Pro
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