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  • PL-D755MU-POL | Polarized CMOS Camera Image #1

PL-D755MU-POL (PLD755MUPOL): Pixelink Polarized CMOS Camera (Sony IMX250MZR)

Quick Overview

The PL-D755MU-POL polarization machine vision camera, featuring the Sony IMX250MZR image sensor, offers broader visual detection and characterization capabilities of material properties and improved performance over conventional monochrome sensors.




By filtering unwanted reflections and reducing glare, imaging previously undetectable defects, such as scratches or stress on transparent, reflective or low contrast surfaces, is now possible.

Available Configurations:

PL-D755MU-POL / 5.0 MP Enclosed Monochrome
PL-D755MU-BL-POL / 5.0 MP Board Level Monochrome
PL-D755MU-T-POL / 5.0 MP Enclosed Monochrome with Trigger




    • 5.0 MP
    • Sony IMX250MZR
    • 2/3" Sensor Size



        • Parts Inspection
        • Strength/Stress Testing
        • Traffic Enforcement
        • Medical Imaging
        • PCB & Flat Panel Display Inspection
        • Scratch Inspection
        • Metrology
        • Biometrics
Sensor Sony IMX250MZR
Type CMOS Global Shutter
Resolution 5.01 MP (1224 x 1024)
Pixel Pitch 3.45 μm x 3.45 μm
Active Area 11.1 mm diagonal
FPN < 0.03% of signal
PRNU < 0.4% of signal
Dynamic Range                                   70 dB
Bit-Depth 12-bit
Polar Data Formats Stokes Polar HSV
Effective Resolution Free Running
1224 x 1024 53 fps  Frame rates will vary based on a host system and configuration *Above calculations based on fixed frame rate mode
Interface | Date rate USB 3.0 | Micro-B | 5Gbps
Board Level Trigger Connector 8-pin Molex 1.25mm pitch
Enclosed Trigger Connector Hirose round 8-pin
Trigger Software and hardware
Board Level Trigger Input 1 input, 3.3V (with an internal pull-up resistor)
Enclosed Trigger Input 1 optically Isolated, 5-12V DC at 4-11 mA
Board Level GPO/Strobe 2 outputs, 3.3V
Enclosed GPO/Strobe 2 outputs, 3.3V and 1 optically isolated max 40V DC, max 15mA
GPI 1 input, 3.3V (with an internal pull-up resistor
Dimensions (mm) 55 x 38.5 x 30.29
Weight (g) 35.8 (Board level without optics)
Mounting C-Mount and S-Mount
Voltage 5V DC (from USB connector)
No Video available

PL-D755MU-POL Polarized Camera
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