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  • PixeLINK PL-B621 | Microscopy Camera Image #1

PixeLINK PL-B600 (PLB600 ) Series 1.3MP- 2MP 80x1024 Resolution Microscopy Camera/Kits (Aptina MT9M001/MT9P031/On Semi IBIS 5/IBIS 4)

Quick Overview

The PL-B621 is ideal for use in any laboratory setting and highlights fast frame rates.

Color Space                  µScope Version                      Housing                         Other

C – Color                        KIT Essentials Version            BL – Board Level              F-Firewire

M – Mono                      SE Standard Version                T – Trigger                        U-USB

NIR – Near Infrared      PRO - Professional Version      CYL - Cylindrical case

See Specs Below For All Configurations-




The PL-D600 series of cameras are available in 1.3, 3.1, 5.0, & 6.6MP resolutions and are Ideal for use in any laboratory setting. PixeLINK's microscopy cameras are designed to offer consistent, high-quality image acquisition and performance.




  • Exposure Time
  • Manual & Auto White Balance (Color only)
  • Pixel Addressing
  • Gamma
  • Saturation
  • Color Temperature
  • Time Lapse Capture
  • Image Flip
  • Image Rotate
  • Pixel Format
  • Manual, Auto & Continuous Auto Exp.
  • Saturation(Color Cameras only)



  • Petrology
  • Parts Inspection
  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Pathology
  • Metrology
  • Histology
  • Palynology
  • Microbiology
  • Orthopantomography
  • Elastography
  • Projectional radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Specifications
    Interface FireWire/USB
    Sensor Aptina MT9M001, Aptina MT9031
    Color Space Color/Mono
    Resolution (MP) 1280 x 1024, 2048x1536, 2592x1944
    Bit Depth 10-bit, 8-bit
    Pixel Pitch (µm) 5.2µm
    Optical Format 1/2"
    Sensor Diagonal 8.52 mm/Varies
    Mount C-Mount
    Frame Rate (FPS at Full Resolution) 30
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Shutter Type Global/Rollling


                            Color                              Mono

                        PL-B623CF                  PL-B621MF

                        PL-B623CF-KIT           PL-B621MF-KIT

                        PL-B623-PRO              PL-B621MF-PRO

                        PL-B623CU                  PL-B621MU

                        PL-B623CU-KIT           PL-B621MU-KIT

                        PL-B623CU-PRO         PL- B621MU-PRO

                        PL-B625-CF                 PL-B625MF

                        PL-B625CF-KIT            PL-B625MF-KIT

                        PL-B625CF-PRO          PL-B625MF-PRO

                        PL-B681CF                   PL-B625MU

                        PL-B681CF-KIT            PL-625MU-KIT

                        PL-B681CU                  PL-625MU-PRO

                        PL-B681CU-KIT           PL-B686MF

                        PL-B686CF                  PL-B686MF-KIT

                        PL-B686CF-KIT           PL-B686MF-PRO

                        PL-B686CF-PRO         PL-B686MU

                        PL-B686CU                 PL-686MU-KIT

                        PL-B686CU-KIT          PL-686MU-PRO



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    PixeLINK PL-B600 Series
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