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  • KT&C KNR-P16PX16 NVR


Quick Overview

16 Channel Plug & Play NVR Connect up to 16 IP cameras in any combination with no special licenses required, Stream an aggregate bandwidth to the NVR of up to 80Mb/s from all connected cameras, Local HDMI/VGA monitor displays at up to 1920x1080 and/or connect traditional analog/CVBS.

KT&C KNR-P16PX16 16 Channel Plug & Play NVR.

KNR-P16PX16 Features:

  • Connect up to 16 IP cameras in any combination with no special licenses required
    - ‘Hands Free’ Plug-and-Play cameras on the 16 built-in PoE ports 
    - Onvif or other supported IP cameras
    - Power cameras with up to 30W each (802.3at PoE) from a total of 200W built in PoE power
  • Stream an aggregate bandwidth to the NVR of up to 80Mb/s from all connected cameras
    - Select camera resolutions up to 5MP
    - Set lower resolution/rate/image quality to meet application/installation requirements
  • Local HDMI/VGA monitor displays at up to 1920x1080 and/or connect traditional analog/CVBS 
    - Display different cameras/layouts on each monitor or duplicate display on HDMI & VGA outputs
    - Continue to view live HD video while reviewing playback on a separate HD monitor 
    - Route event full screen pop-up to any monitor for simultaneous live, playback and aux/call views
    - Employ digital zoom in both live view and playback for expanded view of fine details
  • Record based on schedule, motion, event/alarm or combinations
  • Optional arming schedule for action/notifications and alarms (e.g. ignore on-camera motion from specific cameras during normal business hours)
  • View, record and play main stream for detail, or sub-stream to conserve bandwidth and CPU resources
  • Easy to use on-screen menus include digital zoom and instant playback of recent video
    - Operate using full front panel controls, wheel mouse or included IR remote
  • Quickly locate and review event video
    - Search by date/time, or preview images by pointing along a color coded timeline of record type
    - Play based on results of extensive event/alarm log search
    - Use “Smart Search” to define an area of interest; the NVR quickly reviews recorded video to list instances of motion in that area for review by the operator
  • System automatically conserves resources by selecting sub-stream during multiple camera viewing
  • User selectable viewing optimization for image detail of fluency of motion
  • Choose up to 16Tb of internal HDD storage (optional mirroring), or record to external eSATA/NAS/SAN
  • Back up recorded video to any network connected NAS or FTP
  • Easy remote access: view NVR over Internet without programming router: built-in uPnP router NAT/port mapping forwards ports automatically (*Router must support/permit uPnP function)
  • Your choice of IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers to view live or playback video, or to manage NVR
  • Unique Channel 0 remote stream displays user defined multi-view in the bandwidth of a single channel
  • Unique Virtual Host provides remote access to all IPC login menu based features and capabilities
  • View multiple live/playback video streams on Android/iOS apps, or get HD viewing from tablet specific app
  • Free Windows and MAC CMS Client for up to 64 live/16 playback views, manage and back up multiple sites
  • Two way audio support (compatible camera required) from NVR, web screens and CMS
  • Local alarm pre-channel inputs, 4 outputs and RS-485 control terminals
  • Rack mountable 1.5U chassis (ears included)
  • KNR-P16PX16 Applications:

  • Security
  • Surveillance/CCTV
  • Video Production
  • Specifications
    Maximum Number of IP Cameras 16 
    Number of built in PnP/PoE Switch Ports 16
    Supported Live View/Record Resolutions 5MP / 3MP / 1080P / UXGA / 720P / VGA / 4CIF / DCIF / 2CIF / CIF / QCIF 
    Sub-Stream Supported for recording, playback and live viewing 
    Audio Streaming Supported from audio capable cameras
    Maximum FPS rate per camera (Live & Record) 30FPS Main stream; 30FPS Sub-stream Up to 480FPS total for 16 cameras
    Maximum Record Streaming Video Input Bandwidth (all cameras combined) 80Mb/s
    Recording Compression Depends on IP Camera; typically H.264 for main stream, MJPEG for sub-stream
    Recording Modes Continuous, Motion, Alarm, Motion+Alarm, Motion or Alarm
    Motion Detection Camera Side, configurable from NVR for KNC-p3 Omni IP Series Cameras
    Schedule Period Per day in 1 hour blocks; or 8 time periods per day, each with different record mode;+holidays
    Pre- and Post- Event Recording Pre-record 0~30 seconds; post record 5s~10 minutes
    Built in network switch port speed 10/100 Mb/s each port
    KT&C Omni-IP 'hands free Plug and Play' Cameras Fully Supported KNC-p3BR4IR, KNC-p3BR6IR, KNC-p3BR12IR, KNC-p3DR4IR, KNC-p3DR3IR,KNC-p3DR6IR, KNC-p3DR12IR, KNC-p3BR4XIR, KNC-p3BR6XIR, KNC-p3BR12XIR, KNC-p3TR4XIR, KNC-p3TR3XIR, KNC-p3TR6XIR, KNC-p3LR4IR, KNC-p3LR3IR, KNC-p3LR6IR, KNC-p3BR28V12IR, KNC-p3DR28V12IR
    Third Party Cameras Supported (requires traditional configuration and setup) Onvif; Acti, Arecont, Axis, Bosch, Brickcom, Canon, Hikvision, Hunt, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Vivotek, Zavio
    Local Display Main Monitor Outputs HDMI 60Hz: 1920×1080, 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1280×720, 1024×768 / VGA   60Hz: 1920×1080P, 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1280×720, 1024×768 / BNC/CVBS (1.0V p-p, 75 Ω) 704 × 480 (NTSC)
    Camera Display Layouts 1, 2x2, 1+5, 1+7, 3x3, 4x4
    Multiple Independent Monitors HDMI and VGA monitors can be duplicates, or display independent live and/or playback screens with all cameras; CVBS is independent and can function as a call or auxiliary monitor
    Automatic Stream Selection Single camera view and 2x2 at main stream resolution; Automatic switching to sub-stream resolution in >4 cameo multi-view display to conserve CPU capacity and maintain parity between per-camera screen area and image size
    Audio Output 2-ch Line Level, BNC (Linear, 600Ω), one synched to CVBS, one synched to VGA; HDMI audio on HDMI monitor output (requires audio equipped cameras)
    Supported Playback Resolutions 5MP / 3MP / 1080P / UXGA / 720P / VGA / 4CIF / DCIF / 2CIF / CIF / QCIF
    Local Display Playback Maximum Video Bandwidth (all cameras combined) ~32Mb/s nominal
    Nominal Local Playback Capability 8 channels @ 1920x1080; 16 channels @ 1280x720 (based on average per channel bandwidth of ~4Mb/s@1080p and ~2Mb/s @ 720p) Reduced total bandwidth permits greater number of cameras to be played. (actual playback depends on decoding load which varies based on settings for recorded video bandwidth restrictions, resolution, image quality, FPS rate, compression efficiency, and complexity of pixel change in the scene)
    Playback search modes Time/Date; Alarm (motion or other source); Manual Tags; Smart Search for motion events from recorded video
    Playback Controls Play; Pause; Forward/Reverse; speed control for single~1.8~16X; Slide bar with overview of record type and snapshot display from slider position
    Digital Zoom During Playback Supported on Local Displays and CMS
    Number of Internal Hard Drives Up to 4 SATA HDD; up to 4TB each for 16TB maximum
    Mirror Recording Can clone pairs of disks
    S.M.A.R.T With extensive statistics, alarms, on demand tests and reporting
    Optional DVD-RW Replaces 2 HDD, limiting internal storage to 8TB maximum
    External HDD one eSATA Interface
    Record to HDD, eSATA, NAS or SAN
    Archive to USB, HDD, eSATA, NAS or SAN
    Integral PoE Switch 16 Ports 10/100 Mb/s
    Camera Network Security  Option to enable pass though access from LAN/WAN to cameras, or to isolate camera network from LAN/WAN for increased security
    PoE Type 802.3at Max 30W per port
    Total Power Budget 200W all ports
    PnP Network Support  Integral DHCP function with address-per-port initial assignment Internal bridge can forward connections from LAN/WAN network port to individual IPC for remote access to IPC OSD detail config menus (Using KT&C KNC-p3 Omni-IP Series cams connected to internal PnP PoE switch ports)
    Built in Web Server Interface  Live view, playback and configuration via IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari (with free plug-in/extension installed)
    CMS PC and MAC Client supports multiple device viewing, playback (with digital zoom) and configuration; user rights per camera; E-map support; live view up to 64 cameras in 4:3 and 48 cameras in 16:9; up to 16 cameras in playback
    Mobile Apps iOS and   Android supported ; live 1 & 4 camera views; single camera playback; snapshots from live or play; copy clips/record to smartphone; audio support; PTZ control. HD version of app, optimized for tablets, is available
    User Rights Control Per user-per camera for multiple functions
    Event Logging Multiple types: alarm, exception, operation, information; dozens of sub-types within each major type
    Firmware Upgrade From USB or remotely
    Backup/Restore Configuration For NVR settings and for IP Camera settings; from USB or remotely
    LAN/WAN Network Port One 10/100/1000Mb/s RJ-45 port 
    Connection of non-PnP IP cameras Supported 
    Remote Monitoring Output Max Bandwidth 240Mb/s
    Maximum number of remote connections 128
    DST/NTP Supported; choice of time zone, NTP server, DST start/end/offset
    Port Mapping/uPnP Automatic port forwarding/redirection using uPnP on routers with this capability
    Serial Interfaces 1xRS-232 DB9; 1xRS-485; 1xKeyboard controller input
    USB 2.0 Interfaces 2 front; 1 rear 
    Audio Input 1 BNC 
    Alarm Inputs 16
    Alarm Outputs 4 single pole 
    Power Input 100~240VAC, up to 300W max. continuous/450W peak, 50~60Hz; USA Power Cord
    Continuous Power Consumption Up to 40W for NVR; up to 200W for PoE
    Operating Temperature 14°F ~ 131°F (-10°C ~ +55°C) 
    Operating Humidity Range 10% ~ 90%
    Cooling Fan 1, in power supply
    Size 1.5U Rack mountable chassis (rack ears provided) 17.52" x 15.35" x 2.76" (445 x 390 x 70mm)
    Weight (without hard drives or ODD) 8.8 lb./4 Kg allow ~1.4 lb. per HDD
    Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS
    No Video available
    KT&C KNR-P16PX16
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