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  • Pleora iPORT HDSDI-U3 External Frame Grabber Image

Pleora iPORT HDSDI-U3 External Frame Grabber

Quick Overview

Converts HD-SDI cameras, video processors, and systems into native USB3 Vision.

903-0015 iPORT HDSDI-U3 in enclosure $695.00
903-0017 iPORT HDSDI-U3 Development Kit $895.00

Using the Pleora iPORT HDSDI-U3 external frame grabber, HD-SDI equipment can transport high-speed imaging and video data over the widely available USB 3.0 bus. The equipment can also be used with a broader selection of smaller form factor, low-power computing platforms to help reduce system costs.Based on a field-proven design, the HDSDI-U3 delivers additional benefits including high bandwidth output, extended temperature operating range, GPIO, and RS-485 data communications functionality enabling real-time, low-jitter triggering of cameras, video processors, and synchronization of other imaging system elements.

The HDSDI-U3 transmits video from HD-SDI cameras, endoscopes, and other equipment with low, predictable latency over a USB 3.0 link. The connection at the workstation is a standard USB 3.0 port, eliminating the need for a desktop computer with an available peripheral card slot for a traditional frame grabber. As a result, designers can reduce system size, cost, and power consumption by using computing platforms with smaller form factors, such as laptops, embedded computers, and single-board computers.

Pleora’s HDSDI-U3 External Frame Grabbers help systems manufacturers and integrators to leverage the performance attributes of USB 3.0, including high-bandwidth, power over cable, and plug-and-play usability. The HDSDI-U3 complies fully with the USB3 Vision and GenCam™ standards, ensuring interoperability with third-party equipment in multi-vendor environments.


  • Transmits video from HD-SDI equipment over USB 3.0, with low, predictable latency
  • Plugs into a wide range of computing platforms without needing a PCI/PCIe frame grabber
  • Compact and low power
  • Mountable enclosure
  • 120 MB frame buffer
  • Record and playback functionality
  • USB3 Vision and GenICam compatible
  • Power, control, and video over the same USB 3.0 cable
  • Bundled with Pleora’s feature-rich eBUS™ SDK application toolkit

  • Applications:

  • Vision
  • Microscopy
  • Medical Imaging
  • Military Imaging
  • Specifications
    iPORT External Frame Grabber  Highly reliable, approaching 3 Gb/s data transfer rate with low, end-to-end latency
    eBUS SDK • eBUS Universal Pro driver
    • Sample applications
    • Documentation
    USB3 Vision and GenICam • Fully compatible firmware load
    • Guarantees delivery of all packets
    • Comprehensive data transfer diagnostics
    Video Input • SMPTE ST 292-1:2011
    • SMPTE ST 296:2012
    • SMPTE ST 274:2008
    • SMPTE ST 259:2008 (Level C, 270 Mb/s)
    • Automatic format selection
    Video Delivery • Mono
    • YCbCr 4:2:2
    • 8, 10 bits
    USB 3.0 based • Connection to low-cost, easy-to-use equipment
    • USB3 Vision 1.0 compliant
    Record/Playback Advanced image acquisition
    Frame Buffer 120 MB
    Programmable Logic Controller (industrial model only) • Integrated with GPIO
    • Trigger and timing control
    Loop-Through Output (industrial model only) • SD-SDI and HDSDI Video
    • Equalized and retimed with cable driver
    GPIO (industrial model only) • 3 TTL inputs
    • 1 TTL output
    Serial Port (industrial model only) 1 RS-485
    Video •75Ω BNC input
    •75Ω BNC loop-through output (industrial model only)
    USB 10-Pin USB 3.0 micro-B Receptacle with locking screws
    Power In USB powered
    Size (L x W x H) 83mm x 127mm x 30mm
    Operating Temperature •0° C to 45°C
    •-20°C to 65°C (industrial model only)
    Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C




    •iPORT SB-GigE External Frame Grabber board set with
    camera bracket, cable to connect to block camera, GPIO
    cable, and unsoldered power/GPIO/serial connector


    •iPORT SB-GigE External Frame Grabber Evaluation Kit
    includes 900-6117 mounted on camera and GPIO
    brackets, power supply, PoE injector, GigE NIC, Ethernet
    cable, and eBUS SDK


    iPORT HDSDI-U3-IND External Frame Grabber (industrial use),
    SDI video loop-through, RS-485 serial port, GPIO, and extended  
    operating temperature range


    •iPORT HDSDI-U3-IND kit including HDSDI-U3-IND, USB 3.0
    cable, and eBUS SDK USB stick


    •iPORT HDSDI-U3-IND OEM Kit Industrial-use external frame
    grabber in enclosure for HD-SDI and SD-SDI with loop-through,
    RS-485 serial port, GPIO, and extended operating temperature

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