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  • Intercon 1 | High Flex AO USB 3.0

Intercon 1: F-AOC-B3PMBT-xx-PA Industrial High Flex AO USB 3.0 Cables

Quick Overview

Intercon’s new Active Optical (AO) assembly breaks through the cable length barrier and provides a rugged, high flex solution for those applications where a high flex, long distance solution is needed. Below are all the part numbers for your Intercon 1 cable needs.

Part Number                   Meters    Feet     Description
F-AOC-B3PMBT-5.0-PA     5            16.4     USB 3.0 Micro B w/Thumbscrews 
F-AOC-B3PMBT-10-PA     10           32.8     USB 3.0 Micro B w/Thumbscrews 
F-AOC-B3PMBT-15-PA     15           49.2     USB 3.0 Micro B w/Thumbscrews 
F-AOC-B3PMBT-20-PA     20           64.8     USB 3.0 Micro B w/Thumbscrews
                                  * Thumbscrews to 3.0 A


Also unique to this product is the inclusion of a copper conductor to provide power to the device. Traditional AO cables consist only of glass or plastic fibers. The Intercon AO cable is a hybrid that contains both copper and fiber allowing for both power and data transmission over extended distances. In addition, this AO solution is designed for high flex robotic applications, specifically rolling (C-Track) applications. Its unique design utilizes specialized materials developed for the most demanding applications. The thumbscrew locking feature ensures a secure robust connection to the device.




  • Supports high data rate transfers up to 5 Gbps
  • Robotic Grade – High Flex
  • Thumbscrew locking
  • EMI resistant
  • No separate power required



  • High Flex Connections
  • Long Distance Connections
  • Specifications
    Overall Diameter 4.8mm

    Operating / Storage

    0°C to 50°C / -20°C to

    Jacket Color


    Minimum Bend Radius

    50 mm / 20 mm

     Device Side Voltage  Max 5 volts
    Device Side Current

    900 mA (05m / 10m /15m)
    / 600 mA (20 m)

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    Intercon 1: F-AOC-B3PMBT-xx-PA
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