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Hitachi BE-101B 1/2" CCD Board Camera

Quick Overview

768 x 494, 570 lines, internal or external sync, 12VDC, RoHS compliant

The BE-101B is a compact and lightweight monochrome board camera designed for OEM imaging applications. The camera has excellent sensitivity and resolution, in a small package size. For greater size reduction, the camera features a piggyback board design, to reduce the footprint of the camera by 50%. Standard features include internal or external sync, electronic shutter, field or frame integration, along with selectable gamma and AGC. A source of power and optics are all that is needed to complete the package.


  • 1/2' CCD Monochrome Board Camera
  • 510 TV Lines of Horizontal Resolution, 50db S/N
  • Minimum Sensitivity of 0.25 lux at f1.4
  • Electronic Shutter
  • Field or Frame Integration
  • Internal or External Sync. Mode
  • Selectable Gamma, and AGC
  • Dimensions of 45 (W) x 90 (D) x 10(H) mm


  • Industrial
  • Factory Automation
  • OEM Imaging Applications
  • Inspection
Imaging Device
1/2" type interline CCD
Total Pixels
EIA: 811(H) x 508(V), CCIR: 795(H) x 596(V)
Pixel Size
EIA: 8.4(H) X 9.8(V) µm, CCIR: 8.6(H) x 8.3(V) µm
Effective Pixels
EIA: 768(H) x 494(V), CCIR: 752(H) x 582(V)
Imaging Area
EIA: 6.45(H) x 4.84(V) mm, CCIR: 6.47(H) x 4.83(V) mm
Video Effective Output Pixels
EIA: 752(H) x 485(V), CCIR: 738(H) x 575(V)
Signal Format Conforming to EIA or CCIR
Scanning System 2:1 Interlaced
Horizontal Drive Frequency EIA: 14.318 MHz, CCIR: 14.1875 MHz
Horizontal Scanning Frequency EIA: 15.734 kHz, CCIR: 15.625 kHz
Vertical Scanning Frequency EIA: 59.94 Hz, CCIR: 50 Hz
Sync System Interal/External, Automatic Selection
External Sync Input HD and VD: 4Vp-p negative; Impedance: 75 Ohms; Frequency deviation: -1%
Video Output 1.0 Vp-p 75 Ohmns unbalanced; Video Component: 0.7Vp-p; Sync component: 0.3Vp-p negative
Resolution EIA: 570(H) x 485(V) TV lines; CCIR: 560(H) x 575(V) TV lines
Sensitivity 400lx, F4, 3200 K
Minimum Object Illumination 0.3lx, F1.4, AGC and gamma on, with out infrared cut filter
Signal to Noise Ratio 56dB
Electronic Shutter 1/100(EIA), 1/120(CCIR), 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/10000 second. Selected by changing chip parts. Factory setting is off
Integration Mode Field or frame (Factory setting is frame). Selected by changing chip parts.
Gamma Correction On or off (Factory setting is off). Selected by changing chip parts
Sensitivity Selection Fixed gain or AGC (Factory setting is fix). Selected by changing chip parts
Power Supply Voltage 12 -1 VDC
Power Consumption Approx. 160mA
Ambient Temperature and Humidity Operating: -10 to 50°C RH less than 90%; Storage: -20 to 60°C RH less than 70%
Dimensions 45(W) x 45(H) x 20(L)mm
Weight Approx. 25g 
Composition Black and White Camera Module: 1; Interface Cable: 1
Note The standard accessory cable is 300mm signal conductor. Different length cable requires shielding to avoid external noise.
No Video available
Hitachi BE-101B
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