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  • Hikvision MV-CA013-20UM/UC Image #1

Hikvision MV-CA013-20UM/UC 1.3MP USB 3.0 Industrial Cameras

Quick Overview

The Hikvision MV-CA013-20UM/UC is based on a CMOS sensor, USB 3.0 Interface, and is built for industrial automation.


The Hikvision MV-CA013-20UM/UC includes color and mono options and allows image capture in different exposures modes.


  • USB3.0 interface of the maximum 3Gbps bandwidth   
  • Automatic exposure control, user-defined lookup table (LUT), and Gamma correction    
  • Supports Synchronization among cameras or between a camera and an external device via a hard trigger or soft trigger    
  • Allows image acquisition in different exposure modes     
  • A compact size of 29mm × 29mm × 29mm, easy to use and install   
  • USB3.0 interface with a locking buckle to prevent accidental plug/unplug/drop 
  • Compatible with USB 3.0 Vision v1.0, and seamless connection with third-party software

  • Applications:

  • Electronic semiconductors
  • Factory automation
  • Logistics code reading
  • Beverage and alcohol bottle inspection
  • Pharmaceutical packaging, etc.

  • Models:

  • MV-CA013-20UC-USB/Color
  • MV-CA013-20UM-USB/Mono
  • Specifications
    Sensor Aptina CMOS
    Color Space Color/Mono
    Type Rolling Shutter, Progressive Scan
    Resolution 1280(H) x 1024(V) 1.3 MP
    Pixel Pitch 5.2 µm x 5.2 µm
    Active Area 6.65 mm x 5.32 mm ‐ 8.52 mm diagonal
    FNU <1 %
    PRNU <1 %
    Dynamic Range 60 dB
    Color Data Formats YUV422, Bayer 8, Bayer 12 packed, Bayer 16
    Mono Data Formats Mono 8, mono 12 packed and Mono 16
    Dimensions 29 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm
    Weight 46 g
    No Video available

    The Hikvision MV-CA013-20UM/UC
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