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  • FL-BC1220-9M | Ricoh 155619 | Ricoh Lenses Image #1

Ricoh FL-BC1220-9M 1" (9MP) 12mm Manual Iris Lens

Quick Overview

The Ricoh FL-BC1220-9M (155619) 9 megapixel 1" lens is ideal for industrial and professional settings, Ricoh's series of 9-megapixel lenses leverage a floating mechanism to enable low-distortion, high-resolution image capture at all ranges, boasting a point-blank range of 80mm that yields quality superior to close-up extension rings.

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The Ricoh FL-BC1220-9M (155619) 9 megapixel 1" lens was created to help users capture high-resolution images from within mere millimeters of the lens.




  • 1' Format
  • Resolution 9MP
  • C-Mount

  • Applications:


  • Visual inspection of printed circuit boards and sheet materials (metal, paper, film)
  • Verifying type on printed matter
  • Inspecting the shape, color, and surface of food and pharmaceuticals for errors
  • Confirming hairline cracks and other surface defects on diameter sheet metals
  • Checking for missing pixels on LCD monitors
  • Visual and foreign substance inspections on everything from precision machined items to containers
  • In capturing precision machining products such as electronic substrates and wafers
  • Specifications

    Fixed focal length lens, high-resolution, compact 9 Megapixel lens, with locking screws, for C- and CS- Mount cameras

    High resolving power of 135 lp/mm from centre to corners of the image

    Specials Pixel Pitch: 3.69 µm
    Format 1"
    Mount C
    Focal Length 12.0 mm
    Iris Range F2 - 16
    Iris Type Manual
    Max. iris aperture 1:2.0
    Focus control Manual
    Minimum Object Distance 80 mm
    Filter size in mm 40.5 x 0.5
    Dimensions in mm Ø42 x 60.5
    Weight 156 g
    Temperature range -10°C bis +50°C
    Comment Back focal length: 14.5 mm
    Horizontal Angle Of View 1/3" 22.7°
    Horizontal Angle Of View 1/2" 30.0°
    Horizontal Angle Of View 2/3" 40.6°
    Horizontal Angle Of View 1" 57.0°
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