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dPict 11032-001 Nexeon CL Duo 64MB PCI Express

Quick Overview

Dual-channel PCI Express video frame grabber for high-resolution Camera Link video inputs

Nexeon CL Duo is a full-featured, dual-channel PCI Express video frame grabber for high-resolution Camera Link video inputs. The Nexeon CL has two independent Camera Link channels for simultaneous transfer from two BASE Camera Link camera inputs or a single MEDIUM Camera Link camera input. Nexeon CL Duo comes equipped with an on-board DSP and plenty of memory for fast and reliable video data transfer to system or display memory.


  • 1x PCI Express Form Factor
  • Dual Independent Camera Link Channels <
  • Supports simultaneous transfer from two BASE or a single MEDIUM camera
  • On-board TI DM642 for Robust Performance
  • Acquisition Rates Up to 85 MHz
  • Auto camera acquisition for automatic camera configuration
  • Switchable PoCL compatible power outputs with SafePower
  • Supports Packed or Planar Transfers
  • Supports Bayer Mode Cameras
  • Windows 2000, XP, and Vista Support
  • Specifications
    Form Factor
    • PCI Express form factor
    • PCI Express x1 slot
    Camera Input
    • Camera Link digital camera input
    • RGB or Monochrome support
    • Area scan or line scan camera support
    • Bayer camera support
    Video Acquisition
    • Dual independent channels
    • Supports two simultaneous BASE cameras or single MEDIUM camera
    • 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, and 24-bit depth camera support per channel or up to 48 bits in MEDIUM configuration
    • Up to 85 MHz acquisition rates
    • Programmable digital control of gain and offset
    • Non-destructive overlay support
    • On-board EEPROM for calibration settings
    Camera Control
    • Automatic camera synchronization
    • On-board DSP for robust capture and control
    • RS-232 serial interface per channel
    • Camera exposure control
    • Switchable PoCL compatible power outputs with SafePower
    Video Formatting
    • Smooth interpolated scaling to randomly sized windows
    • Bus-mastered video transfers to system or display memory
    • Up to 64 MB on-board frame buffer
    • Area of interest transfers to system memory
    • Configurable LUT
    • RGB 32/24/16/15/8 and YUV 4:2:2 pixel formats
    • Extensive interrupt control for robust capture
    I/O Triggers
    • 4 LVDS differential pairs
    • 8 General Purpose TTL I/O triggers
    • Programmable between input and output triggers
    Physical and Environmental
    • 7.38" (length) x 4.20" (height)
    • Two MDR 26-pin Camera Link connector
    • Auxillary trigger header connectors
    Available SDK
    • Compatible with dVeloper SDK
    • Windows 2000, XP, and Vista support
    • DirectShow support 
    No Video available
    Nexeon CL Duo
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