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Delivering crisp, clear video at 720TVL, the new 960H imaging sensors offers users the highest resolution available for NTSC and PAL analog camera systems. Capable of capturing images that are 976 pixels wide (which is a 30 percent higher resolution than existing analog 760H sensors), these sensors bridge the gap between standard analog and high definition camera systems making them ideal for capturing image details while still offering extraordinary low light performance.

This ultra-high resolution analog technology comes with many added benefits for those not quite yet ready or interested in moving from analog to HD:

  • Higher Resolution Recording: Security cameras and DVR's capable of recording at this resolution provide superior images that are 34% larger than D1 and more than 500% larger than CIF.
  • True to Life: 960H creates a wide-screen picture that does not need to be stretched to fit wide-screen TV's and monitors.
  • Easy to Upgrade: Existing BNC video cables are compatible with 960H DVR's and security cameras. To upgrade to 960H, simply replace your existing DVR and cameras.
  • Better Image Quality: (30% higher resolution than standard analog)
  • Backwards Compatible: 960H cameras and DVR's are backwards compatible with standard resolution analog cameras and DVR's but in order to get the improved picture quality and performance of 960H. both your security cameras and DVR must be 960H capable.

960H Cameras

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