Work Assistance Camera System RICOH SC-10A-Working Smarter for You

The Ricoh SC-10A uses the latest Image Recognition Technology to automatically inspect and confirm manufacturing processes during manual parts assembly. In recent years, product quality has come more and more into focus in manufacturing businesses, after expensive recalls caused by failures in the production process. The RICOH SC-10A prevents process mistakes caused by human error during the assembly of parts by automatically comparing each step of the work result with pre-defined images by utilizing the latest image recognition techniques. Production efficiency is increased with RICOH SC-10A because preventive measures like the double-checking of work become obsolete. Increase productivity today with Ricoh’s SC-10A and SC-1oA (H).

RICOH SC-10A automatically checks similar part, incorrect part, work instruction, and other assembly condition during the work process by pattern matching. The data can be used for work analysis and traceability by recording the work result images and the result such as serial numbers and work time.

Operational errors prevented by image recognition

  • Mistakes during the working process are prevented by halting
    progress to the next stage until work is recognized as correct.

Simple operation as an all-in-one system

  • The camera, image recognition, and application are integrated into one system, which makes its setup easy.
  • Work instructions are easily imported using dedicated software.

Support for computerizing your workplace

  • Work analysis and traceability are facilitated by the recording of result data.
  • Paper reduction by the digitalized instructions and check sheets.


Features a high-magnification lens RICOH SC-10A(H)NEW

The inclusion of a high-magnification lens on the RICOH SC-10A(H) enables smaller objects to be targeted than the standard model.
The orientation of parts mounted to electronic substrates and whether or not minute parts used for assembly are present can also be checked, expanding its potential uses.

Interface Boards on Black Background

(High-magnification model:RICOH SC-10A(H))                 (Standard model:RICOH SC-10A)

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