Visual Inspection Perfected with WATEC’S WAT-231S High-Resolution Camera

The Wat 231S camera by Watec is lightweight (less than 6 ounces) and ultra-compact (2.5” total length).  This little high-resolution CCTV camera with its crisp image quality and small size is ideal for Visual Inspection and Security applications; in fact this camera is the model most chosen by the Medical Imaging, Military, and Law Enforcement Industries.  With that said, lets concentrate on Visual Inspection, specifically in the Cosmetic Industry. Everyone loves make-up; okay maybe just us girls…


Visual Inspection starts with the manufacturing of the product and ends with the packaging.  It is crucial to the cosmetic industry that when their product leaves the production line it is perfect!  After all it is their brand and image that is at stake.  The Watec Wat-231S camera is well suited for this type of environment because of its high-performance and high-resolution capabilities.  As more and more processes in manufacturing become automated, this camera will assist in ensuring that the product meets the company’s standards before it is released into the market.

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