Tech Meets Tech: Z3 & Sony

If you are looking for the perfect combination of high-quality videos and images with the lowest bandwidth, Z3 Camera is the best fit for you. It is a hybrid comprising of Sony’s excellent camera technology and Z3 Technology’s H.265 video compression expertise, providing top-quality images at the lowest bandwidth, power, and latency possible.

This product has primarily been developed with the user’s ease and convenience in mind and promises to deliver exceptional results, owing to its latest video compression technology. The Z3 Camera is also the ultimate solution to all your camera and video woes about getting high-quality videos that require too much bandwidth.

Some additional features include integrated auto-focus, exceptional clarity and details in low light conditions and high movements, high sensitivity processor, unbeatable optical zoom and much more. All the special features of the Z3 Camera make it a perfect fit for remote monitoring, video conferencing, security and surveillance, and drone and UAV applications.

Z3’s Camera Solutions brings you two of the most incredible choices, the Z3Cam-4K, and the Z3Cam-HD. Both which offer increased flexibility and top-notch quality controls.


This is an H.265 IP Camera that provides 4K Ultra-HD Video Streaming through Gigabit Ethernet Networks. It offers top video quality and clarity that is ideal for high detail data analytics, virtual reality imaging, surveillance, broadcast, medical and so much more.

  • Specifications

– Dimensions: 144 x 64 x 66 mm (5.6 x2.5 x 2.6 in)
– Weight: 818 g (1.8 lbs)
– Mount: ¼ 20 UNC (fits any standard tripod)


This is also an H.265 IP camera that uses Z3 Technology’s video compression proficiency, coupled with Sony’s CMOS sensor technology. This combination is best for back or low light applications, detailed close-ups and for wide area coverage; all ensuring super smooth transitions.

It contains additional features as well, which include visibility enhancer, integrated auto-focus, and spherical privacy zone masking. The additional features make this camera ideal for remote monitoring and inspection applications.

  • Specifications

– Dimensions: 128x 62 x 62 mm (5.0 x 2.4 x 2.4 in)
– Weight: 650 g (1.4 lbs)
– Mount: 1/4 20 UNC (fits any standard tripod)

Increased Flexibility

One of the most highlighting features of the Z3 Camera is that the choice and flexibility of the configuration is at the user’s disposal, where you can stream your video from the same IP camera in several resolutions. Both of the cameras also allow you to display your video in three different streams, each which can be configured to a unique output format, resolution, compression codec and bitrate. If you wish to record your video, you also have the option to send it to a USB device.

This particularly comes in handy when you want the highest video quality at the lowest bandwidth and in limited storage space.

Easy Transmission

The Z3 Camera Solutions allow live event streaming and wide content distribution through the H.264 video output. This makes them controllable from any given distance, with highly efficient streaming that can be sent to anyone around the world.

Greater Web Access

Z3 technology provides easy to use and accessible web interface, allowing instant setting updates and configuration. You can also create custom configuration settings and save them for later use.

In a nutshell, the Z3 Camera is a powerful video module designed to provide excellent quality videos with maximum efficiency.

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