An Up close Presentation of Basler’s new USB 3.0 Ace Cameras

Complimenting Basler’s already popular line of 40 different CameraLink and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Ace series cameras is their new line of ace USB 3.0 area scan cameras.

Currently offering models with resolutions from VGA to 5 MP and up to 120 frames per second. The cameras use high-quality Sony CCD and field-proven CMOS sensors and have an ultra-compact housing of about 29 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm.

Basler ace USB 3.0 Camera Features include:
*350 MB of stable bandwidth
*56 MB Onboard Image Buffer
*In camera image preprocessing
*GenICam Standard
*Plug and Play
*Enhanced system stability and performance
*Smaller form factor

Incorporating the GenICam standard makes this an ideal industrial camera solution for those looking to update older Firewire or USB 2.0 systems since software migration and plug and play abilities are extremely easy and user friendly.

Ideal for virtually any application including inspection (i.e. bottle inspection, semiconductor inspection, pick and place inspection, etc.), medical (i.e. ophthalmology, microscopy, etc.), motion analysis and more!

10 models are currently available with higher resolution versions (up to 14MP) already in the works. For More Information or For Pricing…

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The USB 3.0 Revolution

USB 3.0 cameras, since their release in the past year, have come out as the heavy hitters in the industrial imaging industry, outweighing USB 2.0 and CameraLink along the way. Basler has been keeping up with their competition as of late with their own USB 3.0 cameras. Looking at the acA1300-30uc/m which comes from Basler’s more »

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Getting to Know the NET 3iCube

While USB 3.0 is taking the imaging industry by storm, the challenge to come out with the next best camera continues. For NET, the 3iCube fulfills just this with the amount of versatility the entire series has to offer. With a small, light-weight cube design, the 3iCube is perfect for OEM applications. NET feels that these cameras are suited best for video traffic, with its high speed interface, but can also be used for access control, microscopy, and even security.


At the 2013 Automate show one of our own sales representatives had the chance to see the cameras up close and personal and loved that the 3iCube was not only light weight but it was also a low cost. With several resolution ranges in the USB 3.0 series, along with multiple options available for board level OEM versions, it is hard not to avoid this camera.

So what else is offered when you get this camera? Well first you have the iControl viewer that comes with the software development kit (SDK). With iControl you have the ability to easily access all 3iCube cameras for with Windows and LINUX for testing and evaluation. With the software users also have the ability to save images as a jpg, bmp, or tiff and videos as an avi file to the computer they are connected to.

Not only does NET give users SDK software that supports languages like Microsoft C++, Visual Basic, and C#, but the cameras can be used in a large number of common drivers like Cognex. More popular software libraries can also be accessed with the Direct-X/Direct-Show interface.

With resolution ranges from 752×480 to 3840×2748, a CMOS sensor, and pixel sizes from 1.67×1.67 to 6.00×6.00 its hard not to take a second look at the 3iCube.

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Innovative Optical Technology: From Surveillance to Science by Lumenera

The Lumenera Lt-425 and Lt-225 have finally been released for purchase! This USB 3.0 camera by Lumenera are some of the fastest CMOS cameras on the market that make a difficult task like traffic monitoring a breeze. With automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology and the ability to undergo the harshest weather conditions as well more »

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Coming Soon a New Series of USB 3.0 Cameras by Sentech

The STC-MBA5MSB3 (monochrome) and the STC-MCA5MUSB3 (color) are the first in a series of 3.0 USB CMOS cameras by Sentech.  These cameras are 10 times faster, use less energy and are backward compatible with the popular USB 2.0 series.  This new addition has a frame rate of 14 to 123 frames per second and allows more »

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