The Eye of the Robot

Basler pilot cameras have made headlines recently all due to a group of students at the Technical University Linz located in Linz, Austria. The camera became a great help for the robot arm that the students created as it was utilized as an eye for the robot. Located below, you can watch the video of the arm catching a ball, all with the help of this Basler pilot camera.


What does this type of technological integration mean for our future? As you can see in the video, the fluidity of the arm in not only catching the ball but in maneuvering to keep it in the cup, is highly similar to that of a human arm. With the added bonus of the camera this clip is almost reminiscent of the movie Terminator. The camera isn’t just watching the ball in this clip, it is singling out this object amongst all others in the room, adding precision to the overall action. If a camera is able to identify this object it is easy to see that will facial recognition technology that continues to develop everyday, we may very well have a fully active human robot in the next few years that has the ability to fully interact with people and perform actions that any normal person might. While I have a feeling that Mr. Schwarzenegger won’t be popping out of the future as a robot, it is amazing to see just how far technology has come and what path it may lead to.

Getting back to the camera, Basler has very evidently created a magnificent product that connects us to the future that we have only ever been able to see in films. At Aegis we carry six models of these GigE pilot cameras by Basler. This camera includes:

  • basler-pilot-piA640-210gmgcResolutions from VGA to 5 megapixels
  • 100 meter cable lengths provided by Gigabit Ethernet to give you the highest flexibility
  • Free GigE Vision compliant driver package with performance and filter drivers
  • Smallest housing in its class with a 29 x 44 mm footprint
  • An easy replacement for Camera Link cameras (i.e. no change of lens)
  • Cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet interface does not need a frame grabber
  • Compliant with the newest vision industry standards including GenICam, GigE Vision, and EMVA 1288
  • 100% quality checked and calibrated to give you consistent performance and reliability

If you have any additional questions about this particular product please visit the Basler pilot camera section of our website or call one of our sales representatives at 888-687-6877.

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