Superior Output, Superior Imaging, Sentech DVI Color Cameras

Sentech’s DVI Output Color Cameras simple set-up connects directly to a monitor using DVI output via an HDMI connector. The HD 1080p & 720p cameras offer incredible image quality, superior hardware, crosshair and, shadow masking capabilities, all at the most competitive price in the market.

Easily connect your Sentech DVI Camera directly to a monitor using DVI output via an HDMI connector. Interfacing with the optional remote unit allows the use of crosshair and shadow masks functions without a PC. The unmatched precision of these cameras will surely satisfy the needs of your DVI Output applications.

The HD 1080p cameras acquire higher resolution images that are easily accessible. One instance is the STC-HD203DV which includes a 1/2.8″ sensor, an imaging area of 3.0×5.4×6.2, cell size of 2.8×2.8, and FHD 1080p allowing brilliant detail and image quality. Sentech’s DVI Output Cameras are ideal for several applications including but not limited to product comparison, inspection, live video, microscopy, and quality control. The cameras in conjunction with the remote control allow for higher productivity in several work environments. For example, a microscopy practitioner can connect to a display avoiding the bending and stooping action involved in peering through a microscope’s eyepiece leading to higher productivity.

The series of cameras includes these models:

The features include:

  • 720p-1080p Resolution
  • 60 FPS Frame Rate
  • 1280 x 720 – 1920 x 1080 Effective Pixels
  • DVI via HDMI Connector
  • Excellent Detail and Color
  • C-Mount (93DV) & CS Mount (203DV)

If better productivity and DVI Output cameras interest you contact Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. today to get the information you need to move forward in your project. Not only do we offer the latest in industrial automation technology, but we also have the expertise and practical knowledge to provide seamless end-to-end transitions. We look forward to providing solutions for you to achieve your goals.

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