Sony’s world-renowned FCB-EV7520A

Sony’s FCB-EV7520A is another magnificent addition to the company’s FCB-EV family of CMOS inspection, surveillance, and monitoring block cameras that are optimizing industry technologies and applications. The FCB-EV7520A is deemed to be a valuable component of security and machine vision operations for several industries.

State of the Art Performance

 The FCB-EV7520A is ideal because of its outstanding ability to perform in extremely sensitive environments. It retains the steady, solid image capturing that is vital to military/law enforcement, UAV and drones, and the precision of medical/surgical procedures.


Sony FCB-Series


Lighting is one of the most critical components of how the FCB-EV7520A is often used. The camera’s auto IR-cut filter removal (picking up a minimum of 0.35lx when on), instantly applies night/low-light settings, so it can produce crystal clear images. The 30x optical zoom lens is complemented by a slow AE response, picture freeze mode, and advanced 2D/3D noise reduction to pierce through poor lighting conditions. Additionally, the spherical privacy zone masking adjusts filtering settings accordingly, as the camera tilts, zooms, or pans.

Superb FCB-EV7520A Features
Whether or not you are already familiar with this series from Sony, its specs continue to illustrate why the manufacturer is such an industry favorite. Impressive features include:
30x optical zoom lens
Electronic/slow shutter
Black and white, E-flip, enhanced color,  mirror, and negative picture effects
Advanced 2D/3D noise reduction to illuminate poor lighting
Motion alarm/detector
Camera Mode Display
Picture freeze and white balance modes
Title display
Top quality HD 1920 x 1080/60p video
½.8”-type Exmor R™ CMOS sensor
Spherical privacy zone masking for adjusted filtering while using zoom, tilt, or pan mode
Motion Detector Alarm
Visibility enhancer, including de-fog setting
Auto ICR (IR-cut filter removal), for working in evening/low lighting
VISCA (TTL) command protocol, power, and HD video

Add the Sony FCB-EV7520A to Your Industry Equipment

The FCB-EV7520A has the premium technology to ably handle the unpredictable weather and external elements that can plague traffic monitoring, drone and UAV security, and surveillance equipment. It also illuminates dark areas that medical personnel may encounter during surgery, where they need to locate minute details and perform delicate techniques. Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. consistently stays up to date about industry needs and requirements, and which companies continue to stay ahead of advancements in mechanics and sciences. We’re just as excited as you, that Sony is quickly replacing their older FCB-EV model with a new one, and implementing the same fantastic details that define their products. Contact us today, to order this exceptional camera, so you can get it as soon as it arrives for our stock.


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