The Sony EVID70, Three Questions You Want Answered

The EVID70 is one of the most popular Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras from Sony. As one of Sony’s distributors we are glad to have sold the camera for as long as we have. In doing so, we have come across quite a few common questions from our customers that they still have yet to find listed on the internet. So what are the 3 top questions that we get?


How can I control the camera?

The camera can be controlled by a computer using the VISCA command, but buyers also have the option of a multi-function Remote Commander that is provided with the camera. Additionally, the EVID70 also comes with RS-232C and RS-422 commands to remotely control the camera from a longer distance (if you want a connection of up to 4000 feet go with the RS-422).

RM-BR300 joystick controllerWhich of these is the best fit for you though? We have some customers that actually prefer to control the camera with the Sony RMBR300 joystick remote controller via RS232 that is also compatible with the Sony EVID100, BRC-300, and BRC-H700. With this particular controller the six present positions allow users a more comfortable experience. After doing a bit of digging though, users of the EVID70 have become much more creative in how they are able to control the camera. One of which managed to control their camera with their tablet. If you are looking to utilize the RS-422 command for your camera check out this post from the blog STREAMNERD who lays out exactly how he managed to get his camera up and running for use in his community’s chapel.

Can I make it wireless?

With the use of some of the controllers that we talked about above, this camera can definitely be wirelessly controlled. We have heard of this camera being used in major airliners and controlled from the plane’s home base or final destination. If you wanted to, you could even turn this camera into an IP camera by adding a video server. The iSee Video by Napco can do just this:

“iSee Video’s VIP Gateway converts any 4 analog CCTV cameras into internet ready IP cameras…”

If you are interested in purchasing this video server, or one similar to it, call us and we can help you!

How can I set up video conferencing?

osprey 210 board

Since Skype came out a few years ago, video conferencing has skyrocketed and consumers, as well as businesses, are using it for their everyday needs. Even Aegis has come to use it. With offices in Arizona, California, and Wisconsin we are constantly in need of video conferencing. So not only do we use Skype but we also use the EVID70 for many of our meetings (of course we use the products we sell, we love them!). Through Aegis you can purchase the Osprey 210 Audio/Video Capture Board which you will integrate into your computer and use from there. Contact one of our sales representatives to see if this is the right solution for video conferencing for you. There are many different options, software wise, for the EVID70 video conferencing capability. Sony offers their own version while there are other third-party software options available. For the best compatibility we do recommend the Osprey 210 or the Sony software.

Visit our product page for the Sony EVID70 to see all of the camera’s compatible products.

Do you have more questions that you still want answered? Comment below and we will help you out. We are so happy to have a technically trained sales staff and even happier when we can help our customers find the best solution for their camera.

-Alexandria Marlar

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  1. Thanks for the link love to the blog – I would like to point out that while generally the Osprey 210 is a great little capture board, in my experience, Skype doesn’t play nice with it at all. It may work better with some of the newer PCIe Osprey cards, though, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out.

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