Sony FCB-EX11D/P (FCBEX11D/P) Discontinuance Happily Averted

It is time to dispel rumors regarding the future of  the Sony FCB-EX11D/P (FCBEX11D/P) camera.

Aegis Electronic Group, Inc, is pleased to announce the discontinuance of this block camera is not imminent, and is still available.


Sony FCB-H11D/P (FCBEH11D/P)
Sony FCB-H11D/P (FCBEH11D/P)
The FCB-EX11D (FCBEX11D) camera incorporates a 1/4-type EXview HAD CCD™ sensor, and is equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens that  provides a 120x zoom ratio when combined with the digital zoom.  The FCB-EX11D (FCBEX11D) color block camera also incorporates excellent picture quality, compact size and feature-rich design.

Measuring 35.9mm x 40.8mm x 59.2mm and weighing 95g, the ultra-compact, light camera is appropriate for miniature pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) security dome and traffic  monitoring systems, and  other space restricted applications, including in-vehicle (police) and video-conferencing equipment. Though small in size, it delivers a high-resolution of up to 530 TV lines, and a wide range of features that includes 10x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom, enhanced spherical privacy masking, a slow auto-exposure (AE) function and a multi, on-line display.

As a direct distributor of the Sony FCB-EX11D/P (FCBEX11D/P camera, Aegis Electronic Group, Inc is committed to delivering value added solutions with the highest levels of technical support, customer service and quality hardware.  Aegis Electronic Group, Inc., over the last 20 years, has transformed from a hardware provider into a full systems integrator of industrial analog and industrial digital camera systems.

Gail De Salvo

Aegis Electronic Group, Inc

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