Sony 4K Cameras-Resetting the Bar

Sony is resetting the bar with their 4K block cameras including, the FCB-ER8550, FCB-ER8530, and the FCB-ER8300. All feature Type R CMOS and Ultra HD capabilities.

Sony Block Cameras

Sony’s FCB-ER8550 and FCB-ER8530 products feature Sony’s unique Super Resolution Zoom (SRZ) technology, which enables both camera blocks to deliver an equivalent of 30x optical zoom at full 4K resolution. Featuring compact form factors (50mm x 60mm x 93.3mm) for compact environments, Sony’s FCB-ER8550 and FCB-ER8530 products are similar in size to the popular 1080p resolution FCB-EV7520 camera block.

The FCB-ER8550 camera block’s precise external synchronization feature, which allows frame synchronization with external modulated light sources and additional FCB-ER8550 cameras, enables users to easily coordinate and deploy multiple camera configurations in a multitude of applications. Both the FCB-ER8550 & FCB-ER8530 employ a 1 / 2.5 type 4K CMOS image sensor for superb clarity and detail providing image capture of up to 8.51 megapixels for situational awareness, surveillance, video sharing and content development in full 4K resolution. Each camera block supports electronic image stabilization, an optional True Day Night feature to improve night time performance, up to 8 video output formats from HD to 4K, and an industry standard HDMI 1.4b interface compatible with thousands of 4K displays, controllers, and recording devices.

The Sony FCB-ER8300 block camera offers 4152 x 2174 Total Pixels, Progressive Scan CMOS Image Sensor 1/2.3 type “Exmor R” Imager, 12x Digital Zoom with 144x optical zoom, and 73.4-degree horizontal field of view. A 20x optical zoom allows for recognition and identification. Additionally, the camera’s features include Auto, ATW, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push WB, Manual WB, Outdoor Auto, Sodium Vapor Lamp (Fix/Auto/Outdoor/Auto).

Sony 4K block cameras are ideal for several applications including, athletics, broadcast, drones, industrial applications, intelligent traffic systems, medical applications, security, surveillance, and UAVs.

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