Sentech STC-C33USB – A Better Inspection Alternative vs. the Microscope

<< This model has been updated to STC-TC33USB-B. Click here for details. >>

Inspection involves the measurements, tests, and gauges applied to certain characteristics in regard to an object or activity. The results are usually compared to specified requirements and standards for determining whether the item or activity is in line with the specified targets. Pretty basic definition.

For hundreds of years, microscopes have been the instrument of choice when it comes to most types of inspections due to its ability to see what the naked eye cannot. Today, with advancements in technology there are definitely more “user friendly” inspection systems available in order to makes visual data immediately available for more in depth studying and analyzation.

Microscope/inspection cameras are growing in popularity due to their ability to capture, control and store a high-resolution image on a computer through a cable. As with most digital pictures, once the picture is captured, the user then has the ability to enlarge and edit according to their needs in addition to having the capability of emailing to other parties or even using images for presentations. Another benefit of using an inspection camera is that it is typically purchased with a user specified lens that has been designed to meet the user’s requirements. Whether you need a 10X zoom varifocal lens that gives you 7 inches of working space or a fixed lens, a customized lens will help the user control the size and focus of the image. Depending on the lighting, a light ring or illuminator can also be added to the end of the lens to increase the lighting for the image.

For a user who is looking for an inexpensive industrial inspection camera that has the ability to capture, control and display, Sentech’s STC-CS33USB camera is a great solution. Not only is it a USB camera (plugs directly into your computer via USB cable) but the people at Sentech include the USB driver in addition to a free SDK (Software Development Kit) which can save you several hundred dollars right there.

Sentech’s SDK Functions include:

  • Bayer Filter Color Interpolation
    • Nearest Neighbor Replication
    • Bilinear (Bilinear Interpolation)
    • BiCubic (Cubic Convolution)
  • White Balance (Auto/Manual/One Shot)
  • Electronic Shutter Control (Auto (Electronic Iris)/Manual (Fixed Shutter)
  • Image Filing
  • Others

For those who didn’t have a chance to stop by the Aegis Electronic Group booth at the APEX show last week in Las Vegas, one of Sentech’s USB 2.0 camera was up and running, giving people a chance to see this inspection camera in action. The camera was displayed with a Computar 10X Zoom, Varifocal lens (MLH10X) and a Schott Fostec light ring…a big hit with quite a few attendees of the convention, who were looking for a low cost, user friendly solution to “save their people’s eyes” by getting them out of their microscopes.

Aegis can also help create a customized SDK based on the user’s function requirements.

Digital images of a “good part” and a “bad part” are stored in the computer and the SDK can be customized to determine whether the images taken during the inspection of your products contain certain contaminants by comparing the characteristics of the objects in the image with the known characteristics of the contaminants.

These cameras have made the inspection process much more convenient and will give your inspector’s eyes a well deserved break. Evals are available from Aegis Electronic Group for qualified customers.

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