Senko HD Optical FTC 2X Teleconverter Lens

Specially designed for Sony 7500 series the 2X Teleconverter lens has a 3G-5E all-glass lens, made to survey the longest of distances.

The following reviews studies in detail the applications of the lens and the results it delivers when used with a camera.


A camera that has impressive general imaging, the 2X Teleconverter has the potential to double the focal length of the image a camera captures. In addition to the ability to increase the distance between the lens and the image sensor, the FTC 2X Lens is equipped with full HD resolution.

The teleconverter lens guarantees incredible picture quality for the user by allowing the users to keep the original F stop setting.

The teleconverter lens is adaptable to any camera module that has a front lens of diameter less than 33mm. Vignetting that shapes the contrast and brightness of an image appears towards the broad side of the lens.

Now that you are aware of the general features of the product let’s take a brief look at the applicability and the uses of the lens.

Senko ADL Teleconverter white background
Senko Teleconverter Lens


The FTC 2X Teleconverter lens has made a name for itself in the surveillance industry. In this day and age where there is a dire need for security, the FTC 2X Teleconverter lens provides its users with results ideal for long-distance surveillance.

As you can assess by the features the lens possesses, it is the military and the border security forces that can make the most out of using the product.

Increasing the focal length of the attached lenses, the FTC 2X teleconverter leaves a noticeable impact on the overall sharpness of the product as it increases chromatic aberration. However, to the pleasant surprise of many, the increase does not have an effect on the image quality as it still remains quite decent.

The increased camera to subject distance means that the subject is now unaware of possible detection. This provides the military to detect any untoward activity or trespassing that happens within their territory.

The lens also gives the user the option of attaining a vantage point. Moments captured from a height are naturally more breathtaking and clear.

In the case where the subject detects visual photography, the great camera to subject means the person will still not be able to figure whom the surveillance specialist is photographing.

The ability of the FTC 2X to increase the size of the image circle provided by the host lens to effectively increase the focal length of the lens. This gives troops at the borders a clear and much brighter picture even in the darkest of nights.

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