Redefine Your Imaging Experience with Watec WAT-910 HX/RC

Finding a good low-light camera that will work perfectly in the deep night is hard. There is always something missing that hinders your imaging game. That problem is about to go out the window as Watec WAT-910 HX/RC is the answer to all your concerns.

If you are still looking for a camera that will work perfectly in dark light, look no further.  Thanks to Watec WAT-910 HX/RC, you will have premiere quality images available to you that will enhance your imaging experience.

The Product – Know all About Watec WAT-910 HX/RC

Watec WAT-910 HX/RC comes with a remote control that not only gives you convenience but also saves your time. The small remote control panel gives you the luxury to gain access to the on-screen display.

The best thing about Watec WAT-910 HXRC is the dimensions of the enclosures. They are almost 30% smaller than the other cameras that make it more superior.

Specifications and Features of Watec WAT-910 HX/RC

The specifications of Watec WAT-910 HX/RC are what set it apart from other cameras. It has effective pixels of 752 x 582 and a resolution of 570 TVL. Its light weight of 85g allows you to carry it around with ease.

Watec WAT-910 HXRC features as an Ultra-low-light monochrome camera. It is known for its built-in video motion detection. This camera is also equipped with an alarm output terminal, which is used to trigger external devices like a DVR.

Other than the motion detection, the functions of Watec WAT-910 HX/RC include low light sensitivity (slow shutter mode) which allows you to record images and videos in dark rooms.  Watec WAT-910 HX/RC also has an on-screen display controlled by a switch-on camera, which provides you with convenience.

One of the best features offered by Watec WAT-910 HX/RC is the ability to correct the dead pixels. You won’t have to worry about that anymore. Another thing that is great with this camera is that it offers you 3D noise reduction (3DNR) and has a digital wide dynamic range.

Applications of Watec WAT-910 HXRC

Watec WAT-910 HX/RC is a perfect camera for astronomical observations. You can use this camera for observation, image recording, etc. Watec WAT-910 HX/RC is very widely used in astronomy because of they allow you to capture videos of meteorites, plates, stars, and others.

What’s in the Box?

You will find the following things in the box with the camera:

  • Lens cap
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • DC plug
  • Iris connector

Are you ready to purchase your new camera? Order it now and take advantage of all the amazing features.

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