Reasons Why You Should Buy the KT&C Small Inspection Camera

Features and Specifications of the KT&C Small Inspection 10x Block Camera

Looking for leaks and holes underground can be a difficult job. When carrying out an inspection, it can be challenging to hold the inspection camera and then to look for possible points of repair.

To make matters worse pipelines underground can be damp and dark, making it even more difficult to spot leaks and holes.

To create a solution to the problems that inspection workers face KT&C (Korean Technology and Communications) has come out with the creation of a small inspection camera.

The ATC-HZ7810C-TNB3 is a small inspection camera which has inbuilt technology enabling it to zoom 10x and 12x respectively for both optical and digital zoom.

To further explain the features and specifications of the product, we have compiled a list of some of the prominent factors that make the ATC- HZ7810C-TNB3 stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Black ATC-HZ7810C-TNB3 on whites background with KT&C logo
Small Inspection Camera


In addition to being a high performing CCTV camera, the image sensor installed also makes the camera a full HD camera producing high-quality images. A bright zoom lens and F1.6 aperture further support the HD function the camera.

The camera can record low noise images, even in low light requirements. With the digital-analog, available users can now choose from a variety of digital viewing options available ranging from 1080i/60 to 1080p/60.


Additionally, the small inspection camera has installed within it a motion detection function which makes it react to any movement.

The camera is a multi-dimensional product and can be used as both a CCTV camera for security and surveillance purposes and as an inspection camera to inspect sewer and pipes.


Anyone adept at understanding the digital optical world will agree that small inspection cameras today often don’t produce the result expected from them.

However, the ATC-HZ7810C-TNB3 comes with 1/2.8″Exmor R CMOS image sensor, which gives the product effective pixels and an excellent result.

As mentioned before the camera has a high-quality optical lens installed. The high-quality lens and the angle at which the product can function allow the small inspection camera to access every nook and corner of the piping or an area.

To all the features mentioned above, the speed and precision with which the camera can zoom make it stand out from other inspection cameras. The ATC-HZ7810C-TNB3 also adjusts to the mode of light available while having a brightness of up to -3dB-58Db.


Therefore, if you are looking for the right camera type to help you in finding a leak or a hole in the fixtures and fittings installed, if you are looking to upgrade your security system making every corner accessible to view then KT&C small inspection camera is the right choice for you.

In addition to KT&C products, Aegis electronic group has a variety of modern cameras. So if you are looking for cameras to perform industrial imaging or to take control of the security or other tasks related to the industrial sector, then is the right place for you.

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