Panasonic HD Block Camera Update


In the past two days our blog has been buzzing with inquiries for the new High Definition Block Cameras from Panasonic that we announced back at the end of November. Unfortunately, the GP-MH322, GP-MH326, and GP-MH330 will not be available until the middle of 2013.

Are you dying for a Panasonic block camera right away? Currently we do sell the GP-MH310, GP-MS424, and GP-MS436. The GP-MH310 is the most similar block camera of the three to the GP-MH322, GP-MH326, and GP-MH330. We are currently selling the GP-MH310 for a great price of $729.00. If you are interested in this camera call one of our Sales Representatives today at 480-635-8400!

Stay tuned for further announcements about Panasonic’s HD block cameras.


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