Nexeon HDI – The Powerful PCI Express Video Streaming and Capture Board

Nexeon HDI – The Powerful PCI Express Video Streaming and Capture Board

We live in a digital world where we find that cameras are employed everywhere. Whether we are dealing with the older analog cameras or the new digital cameras, there is always a need to have a device with the capacity to capture frames and store them digitally.

The Nexeon HDI from dPict Imaging is the latest solution. It is a sturdy PCI Express video streaming and capture board, capable of providing an improvement over the previous frame grabber, the Nexeon HD. Here, we discuss its various specifications and capabilities that make it one of the best in its range of frame grabber electronic capture cards:

The Features

Nexeon HDI employs the PCI Express 2.0 Interface. This frame grabber allows it to offer different support where it can capture from RGB components, use S-Video connections or employ the Composite video input. The other supporting formats are the DVI and the HDMI inputs. IT can also connect to HDTV, and ensure that it works with video streams at 1080p at 60 frames per second.

This video capture card provides a 12-Vold DC supply output for a camera unit. It works with all Microsoft operating systems like Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP. Another perk is that it comes with the dPiction Windows application for capturing video from the connected camera sources.

The Hardware

This card has powerful hardware with the capacity to use hardware-based video CODEC. It has a powerful TI DM8168 Digital Media Processor. It has 1 GB of DDR3 SDRAM frame buffer allowing the capability to deal with any format, store the frames and then send it to the system memory using the PCI Express interface.


The Video Formats

Nexeon HDI can deal in RGB, YUV, and monochrome pixel formats. It can receive these input pixels and capture them with full efficiency. The processor can perform acquisition of up to 165 MHz signals. Another important feature is the Bus-mastering video acquisition that keeps the costs down.


This powerful card supports the use of all conventional video compression schemes like H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG 4 image compressions. You can also scale videos to any arbitrary size, ensuring that it is possible to enjoy an adequately sized video, in all windows. The scaling is possible with a real-time video transfer and a progressive scan video support, ensuring that there are no glitches or missed frames that occur during video streaming and capture.


The Perks

As we have explained earlier, there are several benefits of using Nexeon HDI frame grabber. It provides general purpose I/O triggers that you can employ in a variety of situations. This card allows for both planar transfers as well as packed transfers of frames. The area of interest can be recorded and transferred to both the internal and external memory.

There is also an onboard microcontroller on Nexeon HDI which provides capture control and implements robust timing in the video streaming and capturing environment. You can receive the option SDK (Software Developer Kit) with it that includes sample applications and lets you experiment with the options available on this electronic card.

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