New Camera Releases for Limited Space Application by Hikvision

Aegis has a special treat for all you camera geeks out there. Yes, you guessed it right. We have some new blood in the mix with our recently launched top-notch cameras.

For years now, Hikvision has served you with excellent cameras that are used in every field from medicine to security. Hikvision has done so by maintaining the quality of their products.

  • And now, Hikvision’s team of experts has come up with 15 new USB 3.0 machine vision cameras that will maintain the level of quality associated with the brand, as well as, 4 board level USB versions for limited space applications.

The USB 3.0 machine vision cameras have applications in the various fields and are some of the most used and popular cameras. Some of these fields include:

  • Agricultural Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Automatic Inspection
  • Fabrication
  • Factory Automation
  • Mechanical Part Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Railway
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductors
  • Vending Machines

Quality of the Cameras

The Hikvision brand prides itself on providing you with the best cameras in the field. And the new versions will provide you with the same amazing quality of images.

The USB 3.0 machine vision cameras are designed in such a way that they can deliver outstanding pixel sensitivity and image quality. This camera will work brilliantly even when put through demanding applications like medical packaging, bottle inspection, factory automation, and semiconductor fabrication.

A limited number of the USB 3.0 cameras have the global shutter, Sony Pregius sensor. This aids in improving the quality of pictures  (even with low light conditions), increases the sensitivity of the pictures, decreases the motion blur, and minimizes the discoloration.

Other qualities of the newly-launched cameras – Hikvision’s MV-CA016-10UM/UC 1.6 MP, MV-CH089-10UM/UC 8.9 MP, and MV-CH120-10UM/UC 2 MP USB 3.0 – include:

  • Auto exposure control
  • Gamma correction and user-defined LUT
  • Soft and hard trigger synchronization
  • Tightly locked USB interface

The MV-CE200-10UM/UC 20 MP USB 3.0 Camera have

  • Rolling shutter sensor
  • High-cost performance
  • Manual as well as automatic gain adjustment
  • Exposure time
  • White balance
  • LUT
  • Gamma correction

So, what are you waiting for? Look up the new versions and replace your old camera with a new and improved version. Call “The Camera Experts” at Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. to get yours today.

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