SD/HD capable Video Conferencing Industrial Camera solution-EVIHD1 & Osprey-700HD

So the world is moving toward embracing High Definition (HD) technology and you find that you are still using Standard Definition (SD) because, although the company need for HD will be there in the future, your current technology is adequate for the time being. What do you do when looking for a complete industrial camera solution in a situation such as this??


Sony EVIHD1 High Definition PTZ CameraSony’s EVI-HD1 camera is the perfect camera in a situation such as this because it combines a high-quality high definition (HD) color industrial video camera with the flexibility of a standard definition (SD) remote pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) operation. Yes, that is correct…the EVI-HD1 is compatible today with existing videoconferencing systems and will be compatible tomorrow with HD based ones with just a flip of a switch!

So you have the perfect industrial camera for your videoconferencing needs…now what do you need?


Osprey 700e HD Video Capture CardThe new Osprey-700 HD is an HD-SDI and SD-SDI A/V input card designed for broadcasters and content owners needing to repurpose HD and standard-definition (SD) content for IP video distribution and video-on-demand applications.With the ability to meet all video resolution needs, from 1080i and 720p to SD, the Osprey-700 HD provides raw HD capture and HD input scaled to SD and lower resolutions appropriate for streaming. The Osprey-700 HD is an excellent choice for ingesting HD/SD video for archiving and/or transcoding.

The Sony EVIHD1 combined with the Osprey-700 is the perfect SD/HD Industrial Camera solution!


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