New Mini HD 1/3″ CMOS Camera with HD-SDI output unveiled from Toshiba Imaging – IK-HR1S

For those in need of a mini, single-chip HD industrial camera that switches from progressive to interlace scanning operation while delivering very large bandwidth over longer distances, Toshiba’s new IK-HR1S is an ideal solution for professional and specialized broadcasting and/or industrial imaging applications.

Third in Toshiba Imaging’s family of high-definition cameras, the very small form factor camera (only 1.75in x 1.75in x 3in) features 2.1 MP, a 1/3 ” CMOS sensor, an RS-232 serial interface,  optional 720p or 1,080i scanning operation, both with HD-SDI output, and a C-mount lens interface, offering clear, crisp HD imagery and superior color resolution.

The new mini HD camera is not yet available for sale, more information to follow.

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