Cameras Essentials – These Qualify!

Camera housings, like automobile choices, come in all shapes and sizes, styles and colors.  The same can be said for camera mounts, with selections based on necessity and practicality.

Sometimes it can be difficult to coordinate cameras, housings and mounts. Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. is able to supply the consumer with a rich variety of all three.


There are cameras that come already housed …  and then there are cameras that need something to cover and contain them.  While separate, housings and mounts are each vital to the camera, and their selections depend on the type of camera that is to be used.

So, so how does this work … OK, it goes this way – the camera is placed in the housing, and the housed camera is then mounted, as decided by the applications. Housings and mounts/brackets are predicated on need, i.e., security dome housings need to be vandal resistant.  The EVI-RDP7 is a vandal resistant outdoor, pendant mount, with a clear dome housing, and is equipped with a blower and thermostatically controlled heater for the EVID70 Sony camera.

Indoor housings (clear and tinted), outdoor housings, outdoor weatherproof housings, indoor and outdoor dome (clear and tinted) housings, indoor dome housings, drop ceiling dome enclosures, waterproof housings required for underwater cameras.  Quite a varied selection of housings, all of which are necessary for the numerous types of cameras available.

There are indoor cameras with housings that come equipped with a wall mount bracket, that offer outstanding camera protection in a compact size.  This SNC-UNI housing makes it ideal for remote monitoring applications in combination with Sony’s popular Sony SNC-Z20N and the Sony SNC-CS3N network cameras.

Outdoor (weatherproof) dome (clear and tinted) housings are pressurized, and used with outdoor cameras.  Customized housings can also be produced for unique camera situations, as well as housings with heaters and blowers. The EVI-FDP8C3 is an outdoor, pendant mount, clear dome housing equipped with a blower and thermostatically controlled heater for the Sony EVID70 camera. Heavy-duty aluminum housings are available when the use demands.


Once contained, the camera needs a mounting mechanism for placement. Types of mounts vary as well, and are available in a multiple shapes, sizes and purposes.

There are indoor mounts that may be a normal screw-on mount that is simply screwed into the wall, like the WM100B mount for the Sony EVID100 camera, or a mount that can be hooked onto a ceiling rail. Ceiling mounts are available, and when an extension tube for hanging is required, the CM70B-18 mount is the perfect choice.  Mounts cam be white, black or aluminum in color. Outdoor, heavy-duty Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) mounts are commonly used for cameras that require remote control maneuverability, like the Sony EVID-100, a pan/tilt/zoom color NTSC/PAL remote video camera.

There are regular flush mounting brackets, and tinted flush mounting kits, ceiling mount kits CDW-100B for a hard ceiling mount), and mounting adapters.  There are different length arm mounting brackets, and tube brackets. Mounts that are designed for Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras, (indoor and outdoor) and those specifically for security installations.

Security camera enclosures or housings are available in various types and for various uses. The Sony UNI-ORL7T2 is a cast aluminum vandal resistant housing with H/B pendant mount, and includes a thermostatically controlled heater and blower.  There are mounts for robotic cameras most often used in surveillance and in unmanned military vehicles, as well as enclosures specifically designed for hazardous or explosion protected needs.

What ever your camera housing or mounting needs, Aegis Electronic Group, Inc is able to provide you with the perfect combination for your specific application.

Committed to delivering value added solutions with the highest levels of technical support, customer service and quality hardware, Aegis, over the last 20 years, has transformed from a hardware provider into a full systems integrator of industrial analog and industrial digital camera systems.

Gail De Salvo

Aegis Electronic Group, Inc

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