Innovative Optical Technology: From Surveillance to Science by Lumenera

The Lumenera Lt-425 and Lt-225 have finally been released for purchase! This USB 3.0 camera by Lumenera are some of the fastest CMOS cameras on the market that make a difficult task like traffic monitoring a breeze. With automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology and the ability to undergo the harshest weather conditions as well as 24/7 usage, this camera is ideal for any government or public safety entity looking to bring safety to the street.


These cameras are not only limited to government surveillance. In a recent press release made by the Lumenera Corporation about these particular cameras it was revealed that they are they come with scientific-grade option. “Lumenera has developed proprietary image correction techniques in the Lt camera series to mask defective pixels, improve image uniformity and provide true-to-life color in a consistent and repeatable manner;” opening the door to providing highly effective measurements in even the most subtle color variations.

The primary difference between the two cameras lies in the amount of megapixels available between the two; the Lt-425 provides 4.0 megapixels and the Lt-225 is a 2.2 megapixel camera. Additionally the cameras both contain full resolution, 90 frames per second (fps) for the Lt-425 and 180 fps for the Lt-225. The Lt-425 and Lt-225 provide a huge leap in the innovative techniques of optical technology. We are eager to see what Lumenera comes out with next.

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