Improve the Roads with the Sony XCG-H280CR

Sony XCG-H280CRThe safety of our roads has always been of great concern, but as technology has progressed, so has the world of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and their ability to further protect us. In recent years the emergence of traffic cameras has risen as a means to protect drivers, but are these cameras providing the best protection? Do they get information to their source in time to make a difference? Are the images received as great as they could be?

The XCG-H280CR from Sony’s GigE XCG industrial camera line, has proven to be one of the best cameras in the imaging industry for providing high-quality image transfers. When looking at ITS in particular, the Sony XCG-H280CR does more than many cameras of the same caliber with its ability to provide 8-, 10-, or 12-bit video outputs for the 125 MB/s bandwidth speed for large images and its ability to incorporate low-cost standard cables over large distances.

With the need for a C-Mount lens for the Sony XCG-H280CR, the Kowa line of 10 MP 2/3” lenses are the perfect addition to this camera. With focal lengths ranging from 5 to 50 mm available, 7 different models to choose from, and eXtra low Dispersion (XD) glass, these lenses are ideal for applications where precision is essential. When pairing these lenses with this camera, low distortion and high-resolution are highly achievable, enhancing the overall image output for the discerning user.

kowa LM8JC10MSo far we’ve mentioned how the combination of the XCG-H280CR and Kowa 10 MP 2/3” lenses make tasks like traffic monitoring and license plate recognition in the world of Intelligent Traffic, easier than ever but there’s also a benefit for implementing this Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera into other Homeland Security Applications which also requires quick data collection and transfer in order to be successful.

On a quick side note, be sure to run your camera with a 12V power supply as you will easily be able to connect the DC-in connector to the flying leads and be on your way with the XCG-H280CR camera.

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