Getting to Know the NET 3iCube

While USB 3.0 is taking the imaging industry by storm, the challenge to come out with the next best camera continues. For NET, the 3iCube fulfills just this with the amount of versatility the entire series has to offer. With a small, light-weight cube design, the 3iCube is perfect for OEM applications. NET feels that these cameras are suited best for video traffic, with its high speed interface, but can also be used for access control, microscopy, and even security.


At the 2013 Automate show one of our own sales representatives had the chance to see the cameras up close and personal and loved that the 3iCube was not only light weight but it was also a low cost. With several resolution ranges in the USB 3.0 series, along with multiple options available for board level OEM versions, it is hard not to avoid this camera.

So what else is offered when you get this camera? Well first you have the iControl viewer that comes with the software development kit (SDK). With iControl you have the ability to easily access all 3iCube cameras for with Windows and LINUX for testing and evaluation. With the software users also have the ability to save images as a jpg, bmp, or tiff and videos as an avi file to the computer they are connected to.

Not only does NET give users SDK software that supports languages like Microsoft C++, Visual Basic, and C#, but the cameras can be used in a large number of common drivers like Cognex. More popular software libraries can also be accessed with the Direct-X/Direct-Show interface.

With resolution ranges from 752×480 to 3840×2748, a CMOS sensor, and pixel sizes from 1.67×1.67 to 6.00×6.00 its hard not to take a second look at the 3iCube.

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