Coming Soon a New Series of USB 3.0 Cameras by Sentech

The STC-MBA5MSB3 (monochrome) and the STC-MCA5MUSB3 (color) are the first in a series of 3.0 USB CMOS cameras by Sentech.  These cameras are 10 times faster, use less energy and are backward compatible with the popular USB 2.0 series.  This new addition has a frame rate of 14 to 123 frames per second and allows simultaneous reading and writing. As an added bonus, Sentech has included Sentech’s Viewing Software and SDK with this low-cost high performance camera.


As progressive scan video cameras, the STCMBA5MSB3 and STCMCA5MUSB3 are ideal for moving applications by using non-interlaced technology, which allows for a clear picture.  Applications benefiting from this technology are machine vision, robotics and military; specifically Astronomy, Biometrics, Bio-photonics, Metallurgy, Microscopy, and Industrial.

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