It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane ~ No, it’s a Drone…Panasonic’s GP-MH310

We are living in the amazing age of aerial photographs and video. Often times when viewing these pictures, the photographic images that you see are outwardly taken from above – but seem from far too low to have been shot from a plane. Your chances are pretty good that you’re looking at images shot from more »

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Panasonic Offers Camera Solutions For Machine Vision

For some years now we have all been flipping through the TV channels, on any given day and come across the show, “How It Works”.  The music alone is enough for us to stop and watch but then the manufacturing of some products keeps us on the channel.   From motor homes to refrigerators or computer more »

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Panasonic HD Block Camera Update


In the past two days our blog has been buzzing with inquiries for the new High Definition Block Cameras from Panasonic that we announced back at the end of November. Unfortunately, the GP-MH322, GP-MH326, and GP-MH330 will not be available until the middle of 2013.

Are you dying for a Panasonic block camera right away? Currently we do sell the GP-MH310, GP-MS424, and GP-MS436. The GP-MH310 is the most similar block camera of the three to the GP-MH322, GP-MH326, and GP-MH330. We are currently selling the GP-MH310 for a great price of $729.00. If you are interested in this camera call one of our Sales Representatives today at 480-635-8400!

Stay tuned for further announcements about Panasonic’s HD block cameras.


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Skycams and the Super Bowl

It starts with the chicken wings, some beer, a few brats, followed by a bit of yelling and cheering with an interruption in between, and finally finishing with cheers or tears. Oh and don’t forget the commercials! Considering what Sunday, February 3 is, the first thing that should pop up in any American’s mind when reading the combination of all of these things is the Super Bowl. One word that they probably don’t think about though is Skycam. Now as an industrial imaging company it is clear that many of our staff members would know what the Skycam is and how it is used. For those of us that are unaware of this term though, like Aegis’s new Marketing Coordinator (that’s me), we may have not thought about exactly how we are able to watch this and other large sports events at all. As I have begun to learn so much about industrial imaging, more than I ever knew before, this was a definite question that I started to ponder.


So let’s get back to the Skycam. Suspended from cables, it is a camera system that is controlled via computer. It is primarily responsible for all of the aerial views the audience at home is able to see. If Michael Crabtree or Anquan Boldin managed to catch an interception and run it down the field for a touchdown, we want to be reeled into the action. In a situation where a fast running receiver not only catches the football, but also takes it down the field for a touchdown, at home we would be lost without the camera’s tilt direction following the receiver as well as the pan in and out effects that allow us to understand just how much distance there is between him and the defensive team.

Armed with a pan tilt zoom camera and stabilization sensors, the camera (which has most recently been a Panasonic High Definition camera) makes contact with its controller through fiber optic signaling. Within one of the stadium’s control panels, someone controls the 3D space motion of the camera while another deals with the pan, tilt, zoom and focus of the camera. Complete with software to help the pilots of the camera properly and safely control the entire system, the Skycam is clearly a primary need for any NFL game or sporting event of the like.

When you tune in on Sunday, whether you are watching for the 49ers or the Ravens, be sure to remember, and perhaps thank, the imaging technology at work that makes the Super Bowl experience complete.

-Alexandria Marlar

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Panasonic to Release 3 New HD Block Cameras

Panasonic is scheduled to release a new HD block camera in December 2012 and two additional cameras in 2013.  The Panasonic GP-MH322 will be the first to be introduced into the market with a 22X optical zoom. The GPMH322 has a native HD sensor of 1920 x 1080/30 pin high-definition video output with resolutions of more »

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Medical Grade LCD Monitor Now in 3D

The Panasonic EJ-MDA32U-K is a 3D – 32″ LCD Medical Grade Monitor with flexible switching from 2D to 3D.  The EJMDA32UK monitor comes with 3 pairs of 3D circular polarizing glasses. The glasses along with the Xpol® circular polarizing system maintain the integrity of the stereoscopic effect even when the head is slightly tilted; providing a wider more »

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