Block Camera Control in the Palm of Your Hand

AVP ControllersApplied Vision Products (AVP) has recently reproduced easy to use Controller pads, designed for Sony’s FCB Series block cameras. With the ability to withstand harsh environments, the controllers allow the user to fully control the block camera of their choosing from a safe distance.

These controller pads are ideal for high risk situations such as those that involve unmanned vehicles. A bomb squad team may be on the scene, attempting to assess whether or not a bomb threat may be legitimate or not. On the off-chance that there might be a harmful explosive in tact, there is a great deal of comfort with knowing that the members of the squad can keep a safe distance due to these AVP controller pads.

The many features of the controllers allow the user to not only dictate the zoom, focus, and power of the camera but they also have the ability to control the focus, iris, and image flip. With the capability to switch between SD (HD 720p) and HD (HD 1080i), these controllers are suitable for any type of use from a simple video conferencing session to a military technology training.

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Batteries Included – New AVP Block Camera Controller

Innovation is a precursor to invention. Applied Vision Products (AVP) is pleased to announce the production of their new battery-operated camera controller (AVP-Controller-BAT). Different and/or better …  and when it comes to camera controllers, this is definitely BETTER!  AVP’s newest innovation represents the first battery-operated controller to come about! Compatible with all Sony EVI, FCB more »

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