Block Camera Assemblies from Aegis

Aegis Electronic Group’s AEG-6300 is the newest block camera assembly for Sony’s latest block camera, the Sony FCB-EH6300. Created for indoor or outdoor use, this assembly comes with three different interface options: HDSDI, GigE, and the HDMI version will be released soon. The AEG-6300 contains flexible configurations to meet the needs of any business, public place, or private property.


The assembly was designed with Mission Critical applications in mind, including unmanned vehicles as well as intelligent traffic and police vehicles. In the midst of a storm, the reliability of the camera in an unmanned vehicle is the key to success in understanding the territory being explored.

This impressive new assembly extends application possibilities for the 1920 x 1080 HD resolution camera. Whether facing harsh weather conditions during a military mission or while the Sony FCB-EH6300 is surveying a busy highway, it can deliver a high quality experience for any user with the safety of the AEG-6300 there to protect it.

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