A Wide Variety of Frame Grabbers by dPict

dPict Imaging is a designer and manufacturer of frame grabbers that support multiple standard analog and high-definition video inputs. Regardless of your preference, dPict has a frame grabber designed for you.  dPict designed their frame grabbers around the Texas Instruments (TI) DM642, a low cost high performance video processor.  By using a TI product dPict could deliver a superior product at the best possible price.  All dPict frame grabbers feature extensive camera control.

dPict Frame Grabbers

What exactly is a frame grabber you ask? Basically a frame grabber grabs the image from the camera so that it can be displayed properly on a computer.  The frame grabber performs as an interface between the camera and the computer vision system.  It is a component that is inserted into a computer’s PCI or PCI Express (bus slot).

Check out our website at https://www.aegis-elec.com/ to view the Aexeon and the Nexeon line of dPict frame grabbers along with many other top of the line products we offer.

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