Omron Sentech SDI Cameras-Long-Distance & High-Def

Sentech’s Signal Document Interface (SDI) Camera Series is connectable to the monitor directly by versatile BNC connectors. The cameras are suitable for long-distance image transmission and enable a display of the crosshair and shadow masks by using the optional remote unit. One example of a camera in the series is the STC-HD93SDI, it has a 1.5 times higher sensitivity than its conventional type (STC-HD133SDI), and it leads to bright high-definition images.
In graphical user interfaces, a single document interface or SDI is a method of organizing graphical user interface applications into individual windows that the operating system’s window manager handles separately. Often in single document interfaces, each window is represented as an individual entry in the operating system’s taskbar or manager. SDI contrasts with a multiple document interface, in which a single parent window is used to contain various nested child windows, with only the parent window having a menu or toolbar.

Sentech SDI-HD













  • HD 720p-1080p
  • Direct-Connect Monitor Viewing via HD-SDI
  • Low Cost & Compact Case Size & Board Level
  • C & CS-Mount
  • 60 FPS
  • Sensors-ICX445AQA & IMX136



Resolution HD 720P HD 720P HD 720P FHD 1080P FHD 1080P
Model No. Monochrome
Frame Rate 60fps 60fps 60fps 60fps 60fps
Effective Pixels 1280 x 720 1280 x 720 1280 x 720 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Sensor Size 1/3″ 1/3″ 1/3″ 1/2.8″ 1/2.8″
Cell Size (HxV, μm) 4.08×4.08 4.08×4.08 4.08×4.08 2.8×2.8 2.8×2.8
Imaging Area (HxVxD, mm) 2.9×5.2×6.0 2.9×5.2×6.0 2.9×5.2×6.0 3.0×5.4×6.2 3.0×5.4×6.2
Sensor Monochrome
Lens Mount C-Mount C-Mount CS-Mount C-Mount CS-Mount

Currently looking for a camera ideal for applications requiring direct-connect monitor viewing with High Definition resolution? Look no further than the Sentech SDI Series of cameras. Take total control of your imaging system with Signal Document Interface cased and board-level cameras and a partnership with Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. Aegis is well-known for providing partners with imaginative, predictive, and seamless solutions.

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