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Aegis USB3-EH-EV for Sony FCB-EH and FCB-EV Series of HD Block Cameras

Quick Overview

USB 3.0 Interface Board for Sony FCB-EH, FCB-EV and FCB-SE Series of Block Cameras.


    •    Supports Sony FCB-EH/EV series and SE600
    •    LVDS video input from camera
    •    USB3.0 (up to 8m /26ft.)
    •    USB Video Class (UVC)
    •    USB Communication Device Class (CDC)
    •    Automatic Sony camera recognition
    •    Up to 1080p30 digital video output
    •    Y, Pb, Pr 75 ohms, 1V analog video output
    •    Board and camera management by micro switch
    •    Power supply 5V for SE600, 9V (others)
    •    Tiny module size 48mm x 45mm x 11mm

Video output from FCB to USB3.0

A single USB3.0 cable is required to power, to control and collect the video stream up to 1080p30 format from the camera. This enables easy implementation of image capture solutions on most devices with a USB3.0 port.

Add-on connector

There is a specific connector on the back of the interface where you can plug in any add-on boards to implement your own new functions.

Display video: UVC 1.1 and DirectShow compatibility

The drivers on the camera are compatible with UVC v1.1 (USB Video Class). A camera connected with the USB3-EH-EV interface is recognized by Windows and Linux operating systems as a High Definition Webcam. This allows to directly use standard softwares for image capturing and viewing (VLC, Amcap, VirtualDub...), image processing, streaming (Skype), or application programming using the DirectShow library.

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